Khloe Kardashian Back Together With Brotha’s For the “White” Reasons

- By Bossip Staff

Diddy held his annual “White Party” in Beverly Hills over the weekend; guess who showed up?

Not only did Khloe Kardashian show the world she is still letting a black man chop her plump-loins up, but Cassie, Amber Rose, and Lil Kim were present to show how hoodrat-rich they are as well.

Pop the top for a gang of ladies…

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  • keddy

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  • I AM LEGEND ( A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)

    Lil Kim looks like trash still

  • Angee

    Cassie, Cassie, Cassie!!

  • just sayin

    wuteva with the racist shit! u ppl u need grow up n get a fuk’n life

  • Angee

    Diddy’s mom looks real nice!!

  • Divine

    Lil Kim….OMG! Can she just look normal? Forget pretty or fly..let’s aim for normal…
    She looks CRAZY!


    Amber Rose… damn

  • Speaking the truth...

    Umm..whose shoes are on floor in Kim’s pic? She is a mess. Foundation all wrong. Anyway – I can’t even waste my typing on her. Even Diddy’s mama looked decent – everyone looked pretty good…even amber- that shirt is definitely the business.

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Diddy’s Mom hot, Cassie might as well shave the rest of the hair, looks disgusting.

  • Divine

    Cassie’s hair looks ridiculous now…

    And is it me, but does this party seem pretty ..wack…
    It doesn’t look like it’s fun at all. It just looks like an opportunity to be seen…Blah….

  • vexInTheCity

    I agree.

    Go Chloe!!

  • vexInTheCity

    I mean Kourtney!!!

  • Bee

    Wrong again!! This is not Rashad McCants in the picture with Khloe. The guy in the picture works for Diddy. You guys are idiots!!!

  • Just Me

    @ Sage

    I agree. I’m not a Kardashian fan at all, but Khloe and Kim are the ones holding the spotlight who dont need it.

    Khloe looks like a man. Kim looks plastic. Fake hair, nose, lips, breasts, butt…she’s really gonna start to fall apart by 35.

    But that’s what the media praises! So exactly what do they do again?

  • http://hmlt Too short

    I like Khloe she is the realest one on the show, and when her and kountney comes out with their new show i will be right in the front row, and about this whole black white thing, WHATEVER, who cares, are there really still people out there worring bout that mess,

  • Latika

    swirl love smh

  • mamamia00

    I can barely stand to look at lil kim anymore. yuck.

  • ummmmm

    WTH is up wit that shoe behind lil Kim!?!?!?!? strange…and why was amber there without Kanye, she aint nobody by herself….this ish looks hella boring

  • yahyah

    Thats Not Rashad MAcants thats diddys homeboy .. Khloe is with .

  • candi

    I never thought of Khole to be the “realist” one on the Kardashians. None of them are real however, I agree that Kourtney is the “coolest” one since we’re picking

  • jazi



  • http://BOSSIP KR

    BLACK SNAKE MOAN IN FULL EFFECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Toxicity

    Ok who cares about khloe, look at how cut up and gross that man legs are thAT SHE IS POSING WITH. It looks like he chops down trees with those legs. A man’s legs shouldn’t be all scratched up like that.

  • Divine


    I never thought of Khole to be the “realist” one on the Kardashians. None of them are real however, I agree that Kourtney is the “coolest” one since we’re picking
    Me either. She just has a smarter azz mouth,is more vulgar, and more disrespectful towards their mom and louder mouthed.
    That’s not being real. That’s being tacky.

  • Raysha

    I wonder who is the lil kim makeup art , she looks like a ghost!

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