Breezy Brings His Latest Piece to Diddy’s White Party While Lauren London Shows Off Her Baby Mama Steez

- By Bossip Staff

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Chris Brown and his new “Y.T.” Teyana Taylor attended Puffy’s “White Party”. They are hanging out something tough, but where is Teyana getting the money to fly from coast to coast so frequently? Also in attendance was Lauren London with her pregnant-protruding belly.

Pop the top to see the first picture of Lauren knocked up with Lil’ Wayne’s baby, Amber Rose, Nick Cannon and Mariah, Tyrese, Garcelle Beauvais-Nilon, plus more

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  • Re--->I live in Bilbo Baggin's shirt pocket.

    Damn, Lauren’s belly is a bit large for 5 months…or is it 6?

  • rome a.k.a. (don't make me hit you with an 8 iron) WHOA!!


  • rome a.k.a. (don't make me hit you with an 8 iron) WHOA!!


  • lani3000

    Im tucked in the corner

  • * i am royalty *


  • ninea

    Everybody thinking Lauren London hit the jackpot. Nope. If it was Jay-Z. Wayne is a drug addict does not have staying power its like Soulja Boy but older. Lauren had a career. Past Tense. White community aka 90210 done.

  • Re--->re-discovered the joy that is Killah Priest

    LOL @ rome! I’m sorry romey rome! Been super busy…how was your 4th?

  • msnyns

    Chris is BACK!!!

  • Re--->re-discovered the joy that is Killah Priest

    Lol @ everyone who dissed Chris Brown a couple months ago still giving him dap…

  • msnyns

    I dont get it…if Lauren is happy…why should we even care?

  • Journey

    She is going to be devestated if she is left with stretch marks…..there goes her modeling in bikinis.

  • Re--->re-discovered the joy that is Killah Priest


    Heyyyyy! Long time no “talk”…

  • Journey

    Was Cassie and Kim Porter at the party ?

  • rome a.k.a. (don't make me hit you with an 8 iron) WHOA!!

    @ Re

    What you know bout Killa Priest!!!!!!
    Lemme find out!! you must be from NY!

    I don’t know one woman who knows anything about him that ain’t from the apple.

  • Angee

    Lauren looks so pretty and very pregnant!!

    Amber looks very nice!

    Lil Kim looks bleh!!

    Good Morning Everybody!

  • Re--->re-discovered the joy that is Killah Priest

    Aw, sounds like good times🙂

    I did the traditional BBQ with fam, and went to see the fireworks with my man…nothing out of the ordinary. But the weather was perfect!

  • Whaaaa

    Where is Teyana getting the travel money? What a silly question! If a gentleman asks you on a date, he is supposed to pay for it. How silly of you.

  • goons

    oh meggie letterman..give us a break.. if you believe that story from NY daily then you are an idiot..chris and amber where just hanging out and having a great time like everyone else..

    lauren looks good too!!!

  • Just Me

    Who thinks Amber looks nice? Not with that big behind gaudy tattoo on her arm!! You can take a pig out the hood, but its still a pig…I’m calling a spade a spade….Keyshia Cole….Eve…all those ghetto birds couldnt look classy if it saved their lives!

  • Man, I just don't care™

    Who are those hoes with Busta Rhymes? Damn, the one under his left arm is the shit.

  • mojojojo

    can someone tell me what the hell is that thing on the back of breezy head? is that a red lighting sign?

  • pm

    teyana will show up to the opening of an envelope

  • Re--->re-discovered the joy that is Killah Priest

    can’t resist*

  • Man, I just don't care™

    “teyana will show up to the opening of an envelope”


    She’d be jumpin all in front of the photographer and shit.


  • The Luscious♥Ms. Sugar Walls In this Piece♥ representing STL

    Oh yeah, And a shout out to my GIRL LIL KIM! WE see you boo! You should take up ballroom dancing baby!

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