Seen on the Scene: Erykah Badu & Dave Chappelle

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Erykah Badu celebrated both her birthday and album release in Dallas with Dave Chappelle. Looks like a blast, well any party with Dave Chappelle in attendance has to be fun as hell.

More images from the event:

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  • Kym G

    WHAT Kym G 1st………………. I can’t believe it!!!

    Love her New Album got it tuesday!

  • backyard


  • So_Surrus

    Luv this lady

  • Cage

    I like both them cats…. Keep doin the damn thing…

  • So_Surrus

    ugh, dave is lookin like he’s playin Tyrone Bigums..a lil cracked out

  • Jahpson

    DAVE!!!!!!!! where you been hunny?

  • Zina {The original princess}

    2 crazies. Please don’t procreate!

  • bree

    what is with the safety-goggle fascination?

  • Cage

    For some reason She can get those glasses off. Maybe it’s the DSLs…. Kanye on the other hand, no..

  • Lauren

    Those glasses are NOT RIGHT….love DAVE & ERYKAH!

  • Lauren

    I think celebs wear those glasses because they think that since “ordinary” people aren’t wearing them, then they’ll look right in them….NOT…U all look like fools!

  • bree

    i don’t even think those glasses have lens..she’s wearing empty frames

  • and another one...

    What in the thick glasses hell? Damn Erykah if it ain’t the fro its the nerd glasses, can’t knock her talent or hustle getting knocked up by Andre 300 $$tacks was a smart move. Dave come back WE MISS U!!!

  • RIP,RIP - meet Alexander O'Neal

    I’m luvin #9.Just got it, my nerves was bad in traffic and I couldn’t focus.Looks like it’s Ciroc and Badu time…

  • major



  • Lady Architect

    I think Erykah Badu is so pretty. I didn’t buy her album yet. but it looks like the reviews say I should get it.

  • valenne

    kim g

    how is her album!!

    You see! That is a real artist. She does not need to be a fashionista, to look good everytime, to have the hottest body of the game of whatever. She is the best to me. her creativity, originality, her voice, her swing, swag, her personnality. i remember when she shaved her hair. Do you imagine Beyonce doing that?!! Lol, Even Rihanna!

    I know, she is kinda weird but still fine!!

  • MissOMyGoodnezz

    It was a blast, I was there!!! Dave was funny as hell. Quest Love, Pharoah Monch, and Bilal were there too. Erykah’s album is pure FIRE

  • NotoriousOne

    @ Lauren…

    You don’t think ERYKAH’s glasses go w/ her quirky style?

    That style is definitely not for everyone!

  • jen

    Seriously, that picture does neither one of them any good they both look like they are strung out.

  • Kdollaz

    Yo Dave Chapelle is the man! Erica is doing her thing! I saw this on globalgrind.

  • leave it be(searching for WESSIE)

    she is adorable!!!! absolutley lurve dave chappelle

  • charter club

    chapelle is one fugly mug.

    he a fug-mug.

    have what it takes to be a model?

  • DeeDee

    The album is the truth.. So real. I love and it. We need more music like this.

  • i love...'Snickers'

    Erykah is a comedian her damn self!!

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