Estelle is British

- By Bossip Staff

Posted By Bossip Staff

Estelle hit up TRL today. It pains us to say this, but homegirl needs to cop an Invisalign, stat! She’s perpetuating that whole British-folks-have-f’ed-up-teeth stereotype. Maybe we should cut her a little slack though. It took Bugs Monkey forever to get his grill fixed.

More pic of Estelle and Teyana Taylor at TRL right about now…

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  • valenne

    i afree,

    Estelle MUST fix her teeth. FIRSTTTTT

  • v-fromrock

    Who the heck is she?

  • NotoriousOne

    @ v-fromrock…

    I’m w/ you…who the heck is she?

  • 1TruDiva w/The PlatinumVocals!

    Ima need for her to get that tooth fixed…FAST!

  • jerishere

    well, at least she’s got pretty features & great skin! šŸ™‚

  • valenne


    I agree

  • mojojo195



  • lauren

    This isn’t a stereotype… British people look at braces as cosmetic so they don’t look at them as neccesary. Thats why you see alot of them w/ messed up teeth. Braces aren’t as affordable there as they are here.

  • BlackGirlLost

    Awww, Teyana Taylor is so cute…Leave Estelle alone…If wasn’t her teeth, you guys would find something else to pick at.

  • RIP,RIP - meet Alexander O'Neal

    lol, thats cold…

    she’s still presentable though

  • Sarafina


    Your’e right it’s not a stereotype. I was in London visiting my cousin and they are just more accepting of what is cute, pretty and beautiful. A lot of African people there with beautiful straight teeth but everybody gets love!

  • superherochic

    Teyana looks like a butch.

  • Brookyln, Stand UP!

    This girl (Whoever she is) has messed up teeth but I’ve seen much worst strolling the 5 borough’s of NYC. Also, I think she has a great smile & her smile probably matches her personality.

    (Just my opinion)

  • Blacksmith

    Her music, so far, is pretty good. She’ll be fine. She’s got production from Kanye and John Legend and a few others.

  • Brookyln, Stand UP!


    Oh, then she’s good money!

  • Mr. Dee

    haha…she looks like she been suckin on dynamite!!!

  • Brookyln, Stand UP!

    Brits are very cool people… Black or white

  • Mr. Dee

    and geez is that a camera trick or is that the actual size of her head?

    note to self: so not mack british chicks during UK vacation LMAO!

  • Life

    Invisalign is the way to go, for they fix my grill and now i cant stop Grillin!!

  • Unkle Kracka

    Heh, heh, shes won of them tee an krumpit niggras, heh, heh.

  • Mr. Dee

    does MAACO do dental work? casue her GRILL is WRECKED!!

  • Raven

    I swear to the LORD, Estelle looks like my Great Aunt and Teyana looks like… my other great Aunt. If I had a picture online and if anyone cared, you’d all see it LOL.

  • Cage

    Bad fronts dont equal a bad person though… Still dont know who she is …. Can i get a song title or somethin… And did someone use the word “Chillax”? Lol That was horrible whoever started that one should be pistolwhipped for at least 10 minutes..



  • CharliStarr

    Ummmm….who is she?

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