Jay-Z & Mary J. Blige: “You’re Welcome”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Here is a new track from Hovvy Hov and Mary J. Blige called “You’re Welcome”. Check it out and let us know your thoughts.

Via Nah Right

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    whats going on visit sofli.net

  • http://seafooddepartment.blogspot.com SuzyQ


  • Checkoutmystatus

    Dats my boi HOV from the BK! Rep us Homey!!!

  • shari2442

    so..has anyone actually checked for the song yet??

  • Flygirl

    Yep it doesnt work yet…

  • http://www.blackpreneur.net blackpreneur

    gettin an error message too


  • statim08

    Don’t expect much.

  • whatsinaname?

    LOL @ Suzy Q… girl you’ll be first next time. damn spammers….

    @KZZMERGHTHERE- girl MJB stay rocking some fly ass boots..

  • Kompton's Kutie

    I Luv this song!

  • mr mr

    heard the song over on another blog….

    i’m feelin it…

    swizz killed the beat!

    hopefully we get to hear this on the tour….


    it’s garbage. too contribed. sound has already been done before. nothin’ new.

  • Coop

    The link doesn’t work but I’ve already heard the song and it’s hot.

  • RIP Omar Little

    I couldn’t hear ish but Mary’s boots are DOPE!!!

  • Cage

    I’ve always loved Mary.. She puts on a great show too… We already know she can leave the boots on 😉

  • http://www.youheardthatnew.com Cannon

    y’all can go to http://www.youheardthatnew.com for the track and download.

  • Cage

    Yeah i just heard it on Zshare… Its actually aight! Maybe cause i’m an MJB fan i might be a little biased…

  • http://mahoganyonthereal.wordpress.com Southern Belle 225

    I heard it. I don’t know yet. I am going to have to listen to it again. I love HOV and MARY too much to care if its bad!

  • Reformed GammaRay

    I wanna GO! AND the D.C. concert is on me BIRT DAY! YAY!

    I seen jay but never mary, I heard you will never be the same like after church! lol (supposedly) lol

  • Reformed GammaRay

    @ RIP Omar Little

    SO dope…

  • Dee-Nyce

    I love it..listen to the lyrics

  • mojojo195

    I Love Jay and Mary but the song sounds like we heard it before. It’s not original but i’ll still bump it in my system

  • Checkoutmystatus

    That’s classic Hov and Mary! Love this joint.

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)

    This joint is alright… I heard this yesterday… With this line up (Jay, MJB and Swizz) I thought it was definitely gonna be a banger, but my expectations weren’t met, but that “Just Fine Remix” where Swizzy used that Chubb Rock “Treat ‘Em Right” Beat, now that’s a good song I can’t get enough off – just my opinion though…

    I liked the unreleased song they did last year “Turn Off The Lights” now that joint was a banger…

    Their concert is gonna be ridiculous because they both individually put on a REALLY Good Show…

    For Jay – when PSA comes on and he says: “Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is…”

    For MJB – when she does “I’m Going Down”… The ladies love that sh… I went to her concert 2 years ago and the whole crowd (the ladies) sang the entire song and MJB was just smiling and just held the mic out and let the crowd do it’s thing… I’ve never seen that before – the audience singing the whole song…

  • Keepin' It Real (D'Original)


    She can leave on the boots? OH OH…

  • p.willy

    same old song!

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