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Isaiah Washington Talks “The Sin Seer” And Oscars Controversy

Isaiah Washington is co-starring in a fresh new film called The Sin Seer. In the film, Rose Ricard has the gift of seeing can see into your soul and discerning truth from lies. Sometimes, she can perceive the very thoughts people have before they’re even formed in their mind. She uses these gifts to solve unsolved cases and bring closure where there is none. However her most recent case unwittingly opens the doors to her own past and that of her new partner Grant Summit.

We caught up with Isaiah Washington to find out more about the film and get his take on #OscarsSoWhite as an industry veteran:

So tell us about “The Sin Seer.” What made you choose this project?

For one, this movie is produced by Bob Johnson’s company, which I have a lot of respect for. He ran BET before it became what it is today – and also brought us Blackbird, another important film and another wonderful opportunity for a unique interesting story for an African American woman in a lead role. Essentially, I thought if I didn’t take this on, no one would ever see it.

The film also featured Salli Richardson in a big “coming into herself” role, and I wanted to reach back and make sure people put eyes on this project. She and I played husband and wife in Clockers, so I really felt it necessary to take my brand and support a unique story that no one has ever seen before. It’s not a big budget film, but the miracle of it is that it was shot in 12 days — no one does that. say what you want but we have to do what we have to do by any means necessary. I’m jumping into a unique story that hs to execute a full feature film in 12 days. Young shepherd broke records for TV one. at the end of the day I want peope to look at Isiah Washington as not why is he doing that film but why not – but it’s very important get attention on these type of unique stories featuring African Americans.

No one is going to care or remember how much you were paid or if the project was Oscar nominated. Everyone wants to know “was I entertained or did I see people who look like me in a role I’ve never seen before?”


Speaking of the Academy Awards, what is your personal take on the #OscarsSoWhite controversy? Do you feel like Black Hollywood should boycott?

Well, that’s not new – The Oscars have been white. Actually, I was that guy before people knew my name. I tried to become an Academy member when Tom Hanks was in charge. Clint Eastwood and Sidney Poitier signed off for me to become a member, due to all the films I made…but I was denied. If they can’t get a group of people to agree that I deserve to be an Academy member and I didn’t get mad then, then how can I be mad now? Both Clint and Sidney were enraged that the academy chose to send me a letter, saying that I hadn’t made enough money, and blah blah blah. I’ve already had my feelings hurt back in 2004. Why be mad now, when nothing has changed?

We’re still boycotting and still marching – but why? We don’t even support our films unless it’s “Madea,” and yet we expect change. You have to SUPPORT change. You can’t support the same thing you’re mad about. We bash BET, we bash what we have because we’re still traumatized from slavery and Jim Crow. We actually think if it’s Black it must not be great. And that’s just not true.

They’re shocked that they’re a person of color and didn’t get invited or recognized. Why are you shocked? We can’t point the finger at anyone else until we examine ourselves. Yes racism exists, yes we get looked over. But then what?

Are we ready to go Nat Turner? If we aren’t, what are we talking about? I’m ready to go there. So tune into Urban Movie Channel, watch The Sin Seer, and realize that there is at least one brother out there trying to give back to our community and tell unique stories featuring us.

Great point he makes about supporting unique stories featuring Black faces. What do you think?

Be sure to catch The Sin Seer on Urban Movie Channel, or stream it via Google Play or Amazon video!



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