Stay Woke! Lawyer Tweets How Justice System Profits Off Of Black Men

Race Matters: Lawyer Perfectly Describes How The Criminal Justice System Capitalizes Off Of Young Black Men

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Lawyer Exposes Criminal Justice System As An Industry In Personal Story

Stay woke, prison is a business! Before you even make it there…

The tweets from one pissed attorney in North Carolina have gone viral after sharing his frustration with our criminal justice system for the timeline.

T. Greg Doucette says he sees the good and the bad in our justice system, but in his tweets he’s frustrated with the latter. The lawyer was representing a young black male, and he outlines how much the courts make off of a seemingly pointless offense. Also, how the officer involved manipulated the situation to get the young male to see a day in court. Peep his story below.

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Then, the douchery is revealed…

SMH…And now a breakdown of all the money they make off of similar cases.

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