Are You Feelin This Get Up??: Janet Jackson at the Virgin Megastore

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Janet Jackson hit up the Virgin Megastore in Hollyweird to promote her new album “Discipline”. There just seems to be something about Janet that doesn’t want to grow up. I mean still not mature enough for kids? She must want to start having babies at the age of 50.

Janet also went on Larry King to discuss opening for her brothers on tour:

“I would love to do it. I get my brothers on the phone all the time. I’m the biggest fan of the the Jackson Five. I have conference calls all the time pushing them to do a huge tour. I tell them if they did, I would love to open for them. They would love to, but one of them is on the fence. You have to respect that. Michael’s worked very hard at his solo career. I don’t know. Maybe he’ll come around. I’m still kind of working on him.”

What would a Jackson 5 tour be without Michael? They need his ass for that show to be successful.

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  • blackpreneur


  • Up2NoGood

    I like the look.

  • Ty

    I’m so tired of her. When will she ever grow up and stop trying to look 12 years old. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN!!!!!!


    What’s good with JJ’s face?



  • I'm Just Me

    Nope…not feeling the outfit or the face.

    I like her music but I agree why does she try to still look like she should be in Disney World instead of Islands of adventure!!

  • I'm Just Me

    Not feeling the wig at all. Good Lord get a better lace front.

  • GreenEyez

    I mean, the outfits okay. I wouldnt wear it, but she isnt 16 anymore….GROW UP JANET!!!!!!!!

  • Vinandi

    not feeling the wig or the get up!! its overplayed, she needs to step up her style game!

    loving the boots though, and the belt! hot!

  • Insatiable_qt

    I think she looks cute.

  • mimi

    She looks a mess. not feeling that wig or her outfit. She was always a bamma anyways

  • bree

    ok whoa..that first thumbnail is all kinds of wrong

  • Astrid

    She looks horrible.

  • Happy_Chick

    Who has the market cornered on what looks young??!! As ling as she does not have a pacifier in her mouth and saying goo-goo, she’s entitled to dress the way she feels. 40 is the new thirty and then some. She looks great for her so called age. Go Janet!!!!!

  • Don King

    @ happy chick, lmao @ her “so called age”.

  • Don King

    She look like 3 shades lighter on this pic.

  • Me

    I thinks she looks good! Just because she is a bit older doesn’t mean she hast go around dressed in a mumu and house shoes walking with a cane!

    Work it Janet!

  • Cage

    No…. Ehhh…. Definitely No…. Does she have cheek implants too?? Lookin type scary in that thumbnail pic as well.. And to think she used to be on my “To Beat” list….

  • Real Talk

    she looks good for a 40+ woman

    but dont forget she has a whole lot of

    help from ________the out fit i dont care

    for , i dont think it’s her, its dosent fit her personality

    An army suit would have been better…..

  • RIP Omar Little

    I like the outfit. I would so rock that. I peeped bits of the larry king interview. Janet’s really whatever for me. I’ve never been a real janet fan b/c i’ve always thought she didnt have a voice. It’s like Rhianna’s voice, the same on every album. It’s the type of singing and voice where you have to read along while u sing.

  • jojo

    I didn’t know Janet was a fan of Hitler.

  • baby

    i like the ft, cant stand the hair…and Michael better get his pale ass off the fence and make sum dough so he can retrieve “Neverneverland” from the bank…

  • baby

    tacky blonde wigs from BigLots must be in this season…

  • Brena

    Janet is looking too much like Paula in that get-up?

  • jojo

    When you think about it she looks alot like Charo.

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