Some Dancing with the Stars Chocolate

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Mario, who will be on the upcoming season of “Dancing with the Stars” was spotted at LAX yesterday. Nothing to interesting here, at least he’s carrying a LV backpack and not a purse like Lil Bow Wow.

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  • Zayah


  • Kompton's Kutie

    Vey dead morning…..*sleep

  • Kompton's Kutie


  • mojojo195

    Damn you beat me Zayah

  • victory is mine

    baltimore stand up. very proud of our homie….

  • msjlh

    yeah Bmore in the house!!!!

    Mario is a cutie too. Better him than that bleached blond Sisco from Dru Hill.

  • ladyk01

    thats whats up i lovvve mario..i think he can actually go all the way..I might actually watch this season!!!..

  • lv lova

    I have that bag!!!!!!

  • victory is mine


    true dat…sisqo was such a disappointment because he really can sing…but that damned blond hair was just not a good look and he should’ve known the gay rumors was going to start…hell they started when he was here…running around looking like a gay gremlin what the hell was he thinking..

  • Southern Belle 225

    Loves me some Mario! I am going to watch. Maybe. Not really but if its on while I’m flipping through channels, I will stop and watch!

  • mojojo195

    Oh yeah I forgot about sisqo! that boy can blow(wink) actually all of dru hill can sang. I wonder where they @?


    You should let me love you…(in my Mario voice)

  • msjlh


    do u remember when he worked at The Fudgery in the Inner Harbor?

  • victory is mine


    yes i do…he must’ve thought that thong song was gonna last forever…reality is a b#tch

  • Kdollaz

    Poor Mario has his career come to this already. I saw this on globalgrind and I said to myself the only people on Dancing With The Stars are accomplished retried people with the exception of Mayweather, but he is accomplished.

  • victory is mine


    that was some sad ish and i hope she has gotten herself together…

  • msjlh


    the thong song played 24/7 in bmore the summer it was out. on the radio and in the clubs.


  • Checkoutmystatus

    @ Kdollaz

    I agree, I like Maywather but for me,May’s not accomplished till he fights Cotto. The I’ll be happy.

  • SmoK.E.Y.

    Damn thats crazy if what ya’ll saying about Sisco is true.

  • Mona

    i love me some mario. I usually don’t be crushing on celebs but he got me!

  • and another one...

    Mario how u doin?

  • Blaqk...boycott the Bejing Olympics

    Why is he on tah show I thought that show were for those who career was over…o wait maybe they are trying to send a message

  • Blaqk...boycott the Bejing Olympics

    Excuse the grammar and Spelling

  • Blazing Blaq

    Cute cute cute. Mario could definitely get…. the dick that is! Love the bag

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    He looks like Chris Rock


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