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Sherri Shepherd’s Ex-Husband Lamar Sally To Star In New Reality Show

While Sherri Shepherd battles against paying ex-husband Lamar Sally $4600 a month in child support for the baby they had via surrogate with a donated egg, Lamar Sally is busy filming a reality show to “clear his name” as a gold-digging opportunist.

Sherri’s ex says he just wants to make sure he counters all the claims that Sherri and her celebrity friends have made about him and his intentions while parenting his son:

Via Radar:

Sally revealed during an interview with Radar that he is currently filming a reality show about his life as a single dad and the struggles he’s had to face in the wake of his divorce for Shepherd.

“At the end of the day, I want my son to be proud of me,” he told Radar. “There are so many lies out there about me being a gold digger, me tricking Sherri into doing this and it’s just not true.”

Because of all that has happened, Sally wants to share his story.

“So it’s time for me to stand up and say, ‘No, this is the truth. This what really happened,’” he explained.

“She has a lot more money than me,” Sally continued. “She has celebrities that have talked about me. It’s ok, because I want my son to be proud of me to say, ‘Hey, against all odds, my father stood up for me, and whatever happens, this is what he did.’”

Lamar insists this isn’t just an opportunity for him to bash Sherri or make even more money off of the situation he’s in, but to champion single fathers and highlight their struggle:

“We’re out there and we are raising our kids on our own,” Sally said. “We’re not trying to put down the mom, but to shine some light on what we’re doing.”

“Unfortunately we are caught: whatever the ex-wife or baby mama says about you, you take it and just be the best father that you can,” he said. “Someone has to stand up for the dad and to have a voice and say, ‘Maybe there are two sides to this story.’”

Sally and his costars plan to act as that voice.

“We aren’t the dads that run out on their family,” he said. “No, we are dads that are in there every day grinding it out, being hands-on dads, working and we love our kids. We aren’t going to have this reputation of a weekend or part-time dad. No we are there every single day.”

Interesting. We aren’t sure how this whole thing will work while he and Sherri are STILL fighting in court over the maternity of this child…

Either way, will you be watching???

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