Kanye West And DeadMau5 Beef On Twitter Over Pirated Software

Tweet Beef: Kanye West And DeadMau5 Bicker And Battle Over The Bandwidth

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Kanye West DeadMau5 twitter beef

Kanye West And DeadMau5 Beef On Twitter Over Pirated Software

In this day-and-age everything is digital. Love is digital, hate is digital, beef is digital, and so is pirated software. Earlier this week Kanye West posted the following tweet…

Now even the most strident Kanye West stan wouldn’t have paid this much attention to this TwitPic, but DeadMau5 found something that disturbed him…

Mr. Mau found a tab on Kanye’s web browser that proved that Mr. West was using a well-known pirate site to download the DJ’s music engineering software called Serum.

This lead to a series of Kanye West tweets which mocked the famous “Mickey Mouse” head that DeadMau5 is known to wear while performing.

Most of Kanye’s tweets have been either unintelligible or offensive, but it didn’t appear that he was taking this particular beef very seriously. Flip the page to have a laugh or two..

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Meanwhile Deadmau5 was busy responding sarcastically to Kanye Stans blowing up his mentions

Keep flipping…

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