More Black and White Pictures From “White Party”

- By Bossip Staff

Here are even more images of Diddy’s 4th of July White Party in LA this year… SMH at Taz Arnold, we see you and your piece!

Pop the top for some of Tyrese, Meagan Good, and more…Taken by VILLAGE SLUM…

Photos via Village Slum

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  • rome a.k.a. ( Mark Sandford should take a page from Sarah Palins' book and get the hell on!!!!!)

    Diddy is a bama but you gotta give him his props!

  • told you so

    that dude with the beads on his shirt…

  • trini

    no matter what who’s who always comes to that party!!!

  • Joy

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  • L

    Whoa!! Look at Lauren London’s belly! LOL

  • L

    Khloe and Cassie look cute!

  • Dnice

    Looks like a great time. Still not use to seeing Lauren with that bump. But at least she isn’t hiding inside until the baby is born.

  • Re--->re-discovered the joy that is Killah Priest

    Damn, who’s the girl in the thumbnail below Meagan Good?

    She and Jermaine share the same tub of grease, I see…

  • The Bear- Oshie is the smartest White Girl on Bossip

    Dare I ask…. Where is Kim Porter?

  • DayShifter

    It’s amazing how easy Amber Rose has been accepted, I wonder how easy it would be to intergrate a bisexual, stripper into my circle of friends…. hummm

  • Sharie

    Love the black & white pics!!

  • JUDY

    They look like they had a nice time. Who is ol girl standing next to Kim Porter?

  • Ummmmmm....

    Teyana should have kept those hands in her pocket…nails are atrocious! How does one not notice black remnants of a 2 month old manicure when walking out the door to a WHITE PARTY?

  • Lies and Bullshit-aka-The Truth

    Puffy is a lot of things, but he’s no “bama”. Cassie and Chris Brown would make an adorable couple…

  • SDOC

    Everyone looks nice…Still cnt believe lauren london preggo but she still looks cute…Meagan Good always looks so plasticy…

  • Sucker Free

    not these negroes again!

  • Classybiotch


    shes looking crazy !! Little washed up or somethin DAMN that wig !

    I do love that everyone showed a different variation of white…very cute and creative for most…surprised kimk didnt show up !

  • Classybiotch

    Lauren London does look very pretty …especially for being preggo…w/ a martian…love her consistent weave..

    Megan good looks like a clown..I just cant get over her look…WTF

  • L

    LOL @ Classybiotch..

    Preggo with a martian?? LMAO!

    And from the thumbnail Megan’s 5 head looks GINORMOUS (SP) LOL

  • Divine

    Lauren looks cute pregnant.
    Megan…just doing to much… She has stenciled on eyebrows or something!
    Khloe looks OK. SHe doesn’t look anad but she needs a new hairstyle or something.
    Amber Rose is accepted because all most of them know about her is Kanye…

  • Khristal


  • Cynthia

    Love Megans hair…going to have to copy that hair style LOL


    Megan looks like a vulcan, wtf

  • wtfever

    Is that Kim Porter or Golden Brooks, I cant tell

  • Kim

    We get it Amber, you have an ass. You needn’t turn it to the camera. I doubt your mother taught you to pose like that.

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