Lil Kim Vs. Faith Evans: Part Deux

- By Bossip Staff

Faith Evans and Lil Kim ran in to each other over the weekend at the Diddy “White” Party and they almost started scrappin’… again:

Lil Kim and Faith had a face-to-face encounter towards the close of Sean “Diddy” Combs’ coveted White Party in California, sources have reported. Faith and Kim, whom both shared a relationship with The Notorious B.I.G., crossed paths at the White Party, which was held in Los Angeles instead of The Hampton’s in New York. Sources said that Lil Kim took issue with her representation in Notorious, the biopic in which Faith was attached to. Faith was in attendance with her husband and Lil Kim was with producer Choke No Joke and to some, this augmented the tension.

“It was really heated,” one source said. “It was about to pop off…there was crazy screaming.” According to sources, Faith was saying, “I love you” to Lil Kim and Kim responded with “God bless you.” However, later at the event, Kim asked Faith, “How would you say you love me when you trashed me in your book?” Under anonymity, a source told “We know that [Faith saying ‘I love you’] is bulls**t. It wasn’t even about the movie. It hurt Kim that she was being fake.” Actor Dennis Da Menace, who played D-Roc in “Notorious” and Devante Swing of Jodeci fame were able to prevent a potentially violent exchange between Faith’s husband, Todd Russaw, and Choke No Joke. “At first it was cool, but then Dennis had to peace it out,” another source said. Russaw reportedly attempted to take pictures as Kim and Faith spoke peacefully, to which Choke took exception.

Choke expressed publicly that it was inappropriate to take pictures and charged that Russaw was intoxicated. Russaw was not available for comment on the allegation. Of the matter, Choke would only say, “Yes, I was there, but I don’t have nothing to do with it. Please leave me out of it.” Sean “Diddy” Combs was not at the location at the time of the incident. Despite the drama, Diddy managed to raise awareness for a charity, Malaria No More and his guests enjoyed their time, reports say.

Keep that mess in Brooklyn you two. Biggie played both of you, so stop acting like it’s a sitcom and be like regular adults and discuss getting pass this…SMH and LOL @ “I Love You!”


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  • Master Bayter

    playin with my emotions, you ges no devotion…..You gets no luv…. you cant get no luv from me you cant even be my friend and you gets no luv again….

  • Master Bayter


  • vexInTheCity

    Oh Devante was there? Once upon a time there was a guy I used to have a die-hard crush on in a hit band called Jodeci ….who ended up snorting too much coke and thought it’d be a good idea to have a panther tattooed on his face!!

    Who cares about Lil Kim and Faith? Unless you’ve got pics of a brawl with weaves tracks on the floor, I’m not interested.

  • http://n Ms.fabulous

    FIRST ha

  • Jasmine

    I’m mad they are still fighting over this bull. Grow up!

  • I AM LEGEND ( A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)

    Faith should have started singing Beyonce song ” If he liked it then he shoulda put a ring on it” LMAO

  • Tialicious Fabulanto

    Dumb! Over a dead man? What good is he to any of them dead?

  • Envy Me is back

    yeah i agree..move on already ladies and grow up.

  • as seen on t.v.

    Instead of arguing over a dead man they should be doing something to revive their dead careers….

  • The Lime

    Stupes….let it go Kim

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  • PRPPLE, just call me TADOW

    O gawd kim just get over it…between u and faith u have no reason to be salty..u were the jumpoff/friend. faith was the wife.


    Truth! She’s the only one that still doesn’t get it!

  • Joy

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  • L

    Not News.

  • Just_Wanna_Know

    Umm, what kind of names are Dennis Da Menace, Devante Swing, Choke No Joke??? I don’t believe this story.

  • 3c

    really does show d level of literacy here …wow i mean he is dead and dey were both screwed over by him and dey have new lives now so damn really get to fuk over it so stupid …

  • Jade Silver (the truth shall set you free)

    They look weird in the picture. Just grow up and let by-gones be by-gones.

  • Dnice

    That was a confusing read and sounds like complete bullshit.

  • No Name Brand

    “Devante Swing” is the producer that gave Timbaland & Missy their start. Do some research, it’s not a fake name, despite how random it was that he was even there.
    Now I never heard of the other dudes, but this is hip-hop so of course they’re going to have unusual nick names.
    …oh and I don’t believe this story was as scandalous as they’d like us to believe. You mean to tell me nobody had a camera phone in that party?

  • TJ

    On a side note, am I the only one finding the irony in Lil Kim calling anyone ‘fake’? This story does sound suspect though.

  • charlieblanko


    Umm, what kind of names are Dennis Da Menace, Devante Swing, Choke No Joke??? I don’t believe this story.


    Same things happen at white people parties though…

    “Hall and Oats, Sting, Limp Biscuit and them….”

  • mamamia00

    Biggie’s dead and they’re grown so this is just plain dumb if true.

  • bg(Had to get Tech Savvy)

    I blame Diddy, what the hell would make you invite both of them….It was a set up for failure!!!

  • Sharie


  • PRPPLE, just call me TADOW

    Charlieblanko dont be talking bad about Devante Swing! daym he used to be the bomb!

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