Young Thug may be releasing "Rocket Man" remix with Elton John

Strange Bedfellows: Is Young Thug About To Release A “Rocket Man” Remix With Elton John?

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Young Thug Elton John

Elton John Allegedly Allowed Young Thug To Record A Remix Of “Rocket Man”

Last year it was revealed to Noisey that Sir Elton John was a fan of androgynous trap rapper Young Thug…

Have you listened to him? I feel like he’s someone bringing a real sense of the outlandishness to hip-hop.

I love that record! I actually asked [Universal Music CEO] David Joseph about it. I heard a track on Beats 1 and I loved it so much. But he’s got himself into trouble, hasn’t he?

Kind of, he was alleged to have plotted to assassinate Lil Wayne, but I think he’s fine now. Within the hip-hop community he gets stick for his outfits because he’ll wear Gucci leather dresses and leopard print two-pieces. I thought you could identify with that a bit.

I love all of that, it’s unexpected. I remember when Blind Faith came out, with a nude girl and John & Yoko, you had to buy it in a black plastic bag. And you should be able to do things like that but we don’t live in that kind of world anymore.

Now it appears that those comments have led to an e-meeting between the two musicians and possibly a remix to one of Elton John’s most iconic songs according to FADER

Lyor Cohen, co-founder of Thug’s label, 300 Entertainment, and the hero who got him up on that horse, recently arranged for the two iconoclasts to speak over FaceTime. Shortly thereafter, John sent through the instrumental for “Rocket Man”—his 1972 hit about an astronaut’s struggle—and Thug went in.

“It’s all the instrumental, the guitar, piano; and Thug is not rapping, he’s singing,” The FADER’s source reports. “It’s really ambient and amazing.”

You looking forward to @ThuggerThugger1’s and Sir Elton’s collaborative jam?

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