Ho Sit Down: Bill O’Reilly Says Michael Jackson Wasn’t Black Icon Because He Had Kids with White Men and Bleached Skin”

- By Bossip Staff

If you ask us, America and white folks are to blame if MJ had self hatred and wanted to be white. Go under the hood to watch that ignorant and punk ass Bill O’ Reilly go hard at MJ’s blackness

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  • chaka1

    Fox News puts out this mess to get headlines. This is not journalism.

  • Nigga Said

    There’s so much I could say to Bill O Reilly right now, but its pointless. He’s ignorant.

  • Master Bayter

    actually… he’s got a point here though…..

  • http://www.bossip.com Envy Me is back

    Shutup Billy O when you are dead who will mourn 4 u?

  • http://www.myspace.com bg (never duplicated)

    The dude got a valid point for real.

  • rome a.k.a. ( Mark Sandford should take a page from Sarah Palins' book and get the hell on!!!!!)

    Consider the source.

    When I think of Bill O’Reilly a few words come to mind. Talking Head, Sensationalist, Blowhard…….need I continue?

  • I AM LEGEND ( A Wise Man Told Me Dont Argue With Fools)


  • 3c

    i think its time we let michael rest ..like really we need to stop, we did too much before n we doin it again …and its because we take on everything dese white ppl say is why half dese black ppl inluding michael are disturbed. lets jus take a watever appraoch n give no press or notice to crap .n dat is dat

  • http://www.myspace.com bg (never duplicated)

    Romey Rome what up pimp?

  • http://www.lime-in.net The Lime

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  • Nigga Said

    Is an albino born to black parents still black? Is a black man with a white wife still black? Is a black girl who “talks white” still black? Is President Obama black?……Is a white women who adopts black kids, black or do the kids now become white? Can a white soul singer be an American icon, white ameerican icon or african american icon? Is a white man in an interracial relationship with a black woman any less white? Does it make him black?

    Black is like ugly, its to the bone.

  • Rinna

    He is just mad that Michael in death gets more air time than him living…. He is an opinionated, judgemental, racist blowhard why is anyone shocked at what he says….
    When his skeletons fall out of the closet they are going to be massive…

  • CoCoa Gyal

    I’ve seen plenty of black people that bleach their skin, they look YELLOW, almost have like a tinge to them. I dont think you can bleach yourself to that type of pale, especially considering how he was a lil darker before.

    I actually believe he had the villago (sp). The nose job was all him, but then again in hollywood who hasn’t had a nose job?

  • http://www.bossip.com Envy Me is back

    when celebrities pass, thats what the media and radio stations do, they play their music all day on the radio, they talk about them day in and day out on the news, its common, he has a point but thats what the media does….B.O. is just mad because they didn’t dwell on Farrah Faucetts death as much as they did M.J.’s.

  • michelle


  • nat

    He’s partly right – MJ isn’t a black icon. He’s an Icon. Simple as that. Black folks are just happy to claim him as our own. He’s internationally recognized as one of or THE greatest entertainers the world has ever known. BO couldn’t diminish that if he tried.

  • OneStep

    No comment because I do believe MJ did have issues with being black.

  • http://blackplanet browntown

    I think that Michael wanted to prove to the world like Josephine Baker that racism and hate are taught. Michael had vitiligo. Look at any other person with vitiligo and their skin turns pink then white. As for O’Reilly-white men are mad because Michael Jackson is the most famous person in the world and in history and he didn’t have to go to school or earn a college degree to earn millions of dollars. His legend will live longer than Elvis or the Beatles. White men can’t get over the fact that a Black man’s death stopped the news on all major networks so they have to justify to themselves why he was so famous. There will never be anyone more famous or loved than Michael Jackson. Did anyone remember that yesterday was Prince’s birthday? It got morphed by MJ’s death. I like the fact that Michael changed his face and his image on a regular basis, that’s what makes you timeless and fashionable. He looked damn good for a 50 year old. We love you Mike!

  • Ian P

    I love it I couldn’t had said it better myself. Black people will stand behind anything that is or used to be black. He got rich moved outta Gary and forgot who he was. (until he got in trouble) I can’t feel sorry for Michael Jackson in life or death. He lost touch of who he was and in turn I lost touch with him. He wanted to be apart of the people that hated him and thought nothing of him but a dancing monkey so it is what it is…………..

  • Sydney™

    I don’t find this surprising at all. While I admire Dr. Hill’s attempts to counter O’Reilly’s ignorance, I believe it is futile to try to educate a close-minded individual about internalized racism and the disparities in treatment of individuals based on race, including celebrities. I believe you will never get certain whites to acknowledge or accept their own racism. In some ways, it feels like we have returned to the trial of 2005 with all the intrusive dissection of a man who is no longer with us.

    Regarding the example of coverage of Jerry Falwell’s death, you could say the same for the passing of Jesse Helms, an unrepentant racist who was given adulatory coverage after his death.

  • Sydney™

    For those who think Michael did nothing for the black community, here’s an excerpt from the United Negro College Fund site:

    Michael Jackson left behind a legacy of generosity as well. In 1986, he donated $1.5 million to UNCF to establish a scholarship endowment—a fund whose interest funds scholarships each year while the original gift continues to earn interest so that future students can receive scholarships. During the past two decades, more than 500 students at UNCF’s 39 member colleges and universities have been able to attend college thanks to Jackson’s generous gift.

    Two years later, Michael Jackson headlined a sold-out UNCF benefit performance at Madison Square Garden in New York and donated the proceeds, $600,000, to UNCF. He also received the Frederick D. Patterson Award, UNCF’s highest honor, at the 1988 New York anniversary celebration and was awarded an honorary degree from UNCF-member institution Fisk University.

    It has been almost a quarter-century since Michael Jackson endowed the UNCF scholarship program that bears his name. Many of the young men and women who received Michael Jackson Endowed Scholarships over the years have moved on from college to start careers, raise families and support their communities. But thanks not only to his generosity but to his foresight in creating a scholarship that renews itself every year, 34 more students will study at UNCF-member colleges and universities next September because the King of Pop understood that “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”®

  • Realistik

    But its true. He didnt want to be black, we all know that, hence all the fuss with the bliching of skin and all that. He was clearly embarrased to be black. Period!

  • Muneca

    Love him or hate him he is responsible for such a major part of American culture and music. RIP MICHAEK JACKSON KING OF POP

  • Marylandchick

    Bill…. dood… U r a trouble maker… There is no point in entertaining Crypt O’Reily….

  • Realistik

    I dont blame him for wanting to be white. Most black people are way ignorant, look down on eduacte rich black people and just cant take critisism either

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