Quincy Jones Swirling it Up in Czechoslovakia Instead of Being at MJ’s Funeral

- By Bossip Staff

Here is Quincy Jones supporting Czech model Helena Houdova for her charity the Sunflower foundation. SMH.

Flip the script for more pics and another OG Sellout


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  • Joy

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  • Lies and Bullshit-aka-The Truth

  • melo

    And we’re surprised because?

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    Quincy got big things popin over in the Czek Republic. He probably made a committment to them and was the featured guest. Maybe if he left the affair, it would have destroyed someones credibility. So he said let the dead bury the dead!

  • Acacia

    I’m really shocked about the statements that ole Q Dog made. True or not, some things are better left unsaid.

    Brings to mind what Ms. Sophia said on the Color Purple..’Hush you old fool’

  • Young and Restless

    And he’s got the nerve to say that Michael Jackson wanted to be white? This geezer has yet to date anyone who didn’t pass the white paper bag test. SMDH!


    Looking at Darryl Strawberry reminds me to always say no to drugs.He looks terrible!

  • Ummmmmm....

    *Trying to give the benefit of the doubt* Well, if that’s his woman, perhaps I can give him a pass because it’s not like she can cancel her event to accompany him to the funeral AND we all know how us women would feel if our man skipped out on plans…..

    He was still wrong for those comments he made though.

  • http://www.myspace.com/mzpayne_11 Smoovee Sayz (Yes, Chris Tucker was there!!)

    Damn Darryl got him a beach barbie dont he?
    Nothing wrong just an observation

    Quincy is an example of MJ’s friends that left him alone/never came back.

  • Divine

    That model is UGLY!
    What happen to his latina wife that was helping Daryl thru his drug rehab?

    Quincy is a genuis in music…but he’s not the best person..

  • mz.cee ♥

    I just wish he could have atleast done something like a connection via satellite, if he’s abroad, he was a big part of MJ’s life…

  • Robert

    Man you youngsters don,t know about the Q-dog.yes you are right,those comments he made about micheal was out of line-but I guess when you look at that OFF THE WALL album-The greatest,most soulful micheal jackson album to me ever-Micheal was very,very handsome with his tux on.That album turned micheals solo career around,and that was produced by Q when micheal ain,t have no one to turn to produce the hits.Quincy was probably disappointed,cause he changed micheals whole style,and coached him to be the mega platinum singer today and change like that.Q is also old,and you know older people speak their minds on the truth of how they feel,weather you like it or not

  • WhoKnew?

    What an azz! the nerve of him trying to say michael wanted to be white when all quincy DOES is get his swirl on. hypocrite!


    No one (at least on this site) knows the true extent of the relationship that Q and MJ had before or at the time of MJ’s death. Q wasn’t the one that was screwing over MJ or the Jackson family like BG did. BG even owns the rights to the “Jackson 5” name, which is why they started to use the name “The Jacksons”). So who is the real hypocrite and sellout?

    As for the Straw, he and Ken Griffy Jr., are two of the most naturally gifted players to ever hit a field a ball. Straw really hurt himself and his career. He could have been one of the all-time greats.

  • Acacia

    @ Robert

    I agree with the fact that those old schoolers damn sure speak their minds. They don’t care who they are talking to. They let it be known. My 70 something granny still will let whoever have it and will keep on moving like she hasn’t done anything wrong!!!1 LOL

  • Rea

    I tell you what, after what “Q” allegedly said about Michael not wanting to be black, he’s a fine one to talk! Everytime he’s spotted anywhere, he got something that ain’t of color on his arm! I don’t ever recall him being married or dating an African American woman!

  • Mia

    And he’s walking around criticizing MJ? Get outta here Quincy!!!!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    For some reason i cant take my eyes off of darryl strawberry’s nose!


    Quincy Jones has gotten SENILE or alzheimers or something in his old age. Where is the part of his old azz brain that tells him what to say and what NOT to say? HELLOOOO Quincy, whatever your personal thoughts were regarding Mike’s appearance should have been kept TO YOURSELF out of mere friendship, love and respect. He should also be the LAST ONE to talk about someone having white kids. Question, with all them damn half white kids and white wives of yours, DO YOUUUUU WANT TO BE WHITE QUINCY?!?!?


  • TKThomas

    quincy jones was marrying white women in the 50’s when it wasn’t kosher to do so. he’s married nothing but white. with his old crinkled ass.

    This is the same man who talked to the media about micheal j having some pictures on his wall that included white folks. hell we all have pics on our walls that may have some of any color people in them.

    isn’t he almost 80?

  • http://www.myspace.com/mzpayne_11 Smoovee Sayz (Yes, Chris Tucker was there!!)

    @ wash ya ass…

    LMAO! Im sorry u made me LOL for real.

  • bskeazy

    I said Donna Summer on previous post, meant Diana Ross.

  • RHOyalgold

    I never did like Quincy Jones.
    What a hypocrite.

  • Sepia830


    For some reason i cant take my eyes off of darryl strawberry’s nose!

    lol. Makes me think of Dave Chappelle saying, “..wide nose, breathing all the white man’s air…”

  • Just sayin...

    wreckless driver: cosign

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