*Hip Hop Wired Exclusive* Teddy Riley Talks Experiences With Michael Jackson

- By Bossip Staff

Teddy Riley sat down with our boys from HHW and discussed his dealings with Michael Jackson:

As the world celebrates the life of Michael Jackson, one man truly has things to share when the moment arrives to “Remember The Time.” Producer Teddy Riley, who worked with Michael on the Dangerous, Blood on the Dance Floor and Invincible projects, took the time to share with Hip-Hop Wired some of his journey with the late, great Michael Jackson…Continue

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  • K.C.

    its a shame..none of the future generations are gonna get to witness wht weve seen!

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    Teddy Riley! LTNS

  • BE

    Where Teddy been? this was a good interview

  • AvaSpeaks

    This was a good interview. I miss Teddy and now that he’s gone, I miss MJ even more.

  • Caramel Cat

    This was a really good interview and it’s good to see how much Teddy still respects Michael’s life…

  • mojojojo

    this was an excellent interview!!
    he really tocuhed on alot of thing esp. how music used to be made ….(take note all u artist) this man would take months to make one song!! now a dayas u can make an album in a month….smh

  • BeanTown

    This was a nice interview. Mr. Riley made some very good points here.

  • C
  • Bohwe

    It’s amazing how the media portrayed Michael as this wanna-be pseduo white man that hated his own blackness, yet Michael never denied who he was. He was all about making money, but behind doors, MJ had Teddy Riley, Cris Tucker, Magic, Kobe, Eddie Murphy, Naomi Campbell(they were rumored to have dated),Smokey Robinson, Stevie Wonder, etc. Yet, the media never focused on those things. He even dated Stephanie Mills for a year while living in NY during the filming of Wiz, yet the media only discusses Tatum O’Neal , Brooke Shields. These white women said, oh Mike wasn’t sexual, yet Mills said he’s very much a man.

  • bcan

    I love that song on the invinsible album. so i hope he remakes it too. or to just release it as a single b/c i don’t think anyone else can sing it like mike. this was a very good interview and i was wondering how he was doing.

  • memphodude

    I never understood shy “Heaven Can Wait” wasn’t a single from the album. It was and still is my favorite from the album. I know when Teddy remakes it it’s going to be the jam and people will never know that Mike had sung it first because the label missed out on making it a single.



  • Michelle

    oh its me again, this was back in the blackstreet days, dont send the po po for me, i live somewhere else now he he ha

  • Amera

    Heaven Can Wait easily could be a single now and it would go #1. That track is timeless and my favorite track on the CD. I hope Teddy/Blackstreet gets to remake it.

    MJ was ahead of his time. You will be missed.

  • Jay the Real One

    So I guess we have to all act like Mike wasn’t crazy as hell and pretend “we” wronged him now? Give me a break I loved MJ too but he was messed up in the head badly.

  • Green Grass

    Sounds like a genuine interview, so many people have come forward saying things, and you just feel like did MJ even know this person all that well.

  • Lanceindc

    Everyone needs to let this man rest in peace…yes it is clear that he had an identity problem and he is gone now…so let him deal with that with God.

  • G-Money

    THat Heaven can wait song, has always been one of my favorite. Very overlooked.

  • MzTee

    I’m glad Teddy received the family’s permission to remake “Heaven Can Wait” with Blackstreet. It’s a beautiful song and my favorite MJJ songs. I know MJJ is better known for his pop and rock songs, but the man could sing the hell out of a ballad. Too bad the song was never released as a single because it would have been huge.

  • 2damnfunny

    I can’t believe Michael wrote ‘Joy’…That is my favorite Blackstreet song! When I bought the cd, I saw the liner said M.Jackson but thought maybe a sample was used because their liner is not as detailed as other cds. Michael, you always brought me joy.

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