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Sasha and Malia Obama State Dinner Gowns Deemed Too Expensive To Wear

On top of Michelle Obama straight stunting on hoes at the State Dinner earlier this week were her lovely girls, Sasha and Malia. The teens joined their mama in shutting ish down in gorgeous gowns that are now the subject of controversy.

Apparently, the gowns, which reportedly cost $17,000 and $20,000, were too expensive, so says ABC 7 reporter Kristen Sze. Sze tweeted and deleted that she felt the dresses were too pricey to have been worn.

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Yeah, because the president’s daughters should attend a State Dinner in dresses copped from Kohl’s, right?

About Michelle’s wardrobe, though, Michelle’s press secretary already addressed the concerns two years ago.

“Mrs. Obama pays for her clothing. For official events of public or historic significance, such as a state visit, the first lady’s clothes may be given as a gift by a designer and accepted on behalf of the U.S. government. They are then stored by the National Archives.”

It’s probably the same for the girls. Meanwhile, anybody price-tagging Nancy Reagan’s tacky-ass wardrobe?


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