White Sox Baller Adam LaRoche Walks Away From $13 Milli Contract After Being Asked To Stop Bringing His Son To Clubhouse

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Adam LaRoche Retires From White Sox Rather Than Limit Son’s Clubhouse Time

This is quite a story. Can you imagine walking away from a $13 million paycheck because your boss asked you to stop bringing your kid to work EVERY Day?

Via NBC reports:

Chicago White Sox first baseman Adam LaRoche announced plans to retire earlier this week after team president Kenny Williams asked that LaRoche reduce the amount of time his son spent in the clubhouse, Williams told NBC Chicago.

Williams asked LaRoche not to bring his 14-year old son Drake into the clubhouse on an everyday basis, which the first baseman had reportedly done during the 2015 season.

“[Drake is] very welcome just as all our players kids are and always have been, really,” Williams told NBC Chicago’s Peggy Kusinski. “I mean our policy is not changing. The thing I asked for in this particular situation was for it to be not an everyday thing and to dial it back.”

LaRoche is only 35-years-old and Drake has been coming with him to work for the last 6 years. He actually follows his dad during the season and goes to school during baseball’s winter break, working with a tutor to keep him on track with his studies.

LaRoche detailed the situation in an interview with the Washington Post years ago:

LaRoche himself grew up in big league clubhouses. His father, Dave LaRoche, pitched in the majors until LaRoche was 4, then became a coach with the Chicago White Sox. LaRoche and his brother, Andy, would play handball in the clubhouse with the starting pitcher, once he had been removed from the game, or a player on the disabled list. In spring training, they ran around the outfield with shortstop Ozzie Guillen’s sons, or played home run derby on a back field with Ken Griffey Jr., then a teenager tagging along with his dad.

Drake was born when LaRoche was 22, still a prospect in the Atlanta Braves’ minor league system. LaRoche reached the majors at 24, intent on making Drake part of his career.

“I just remember saying I’m going to take him every chance I can,” LaRoche said. “Because some of my best memories came with my dad taking us to the park, whether it was spring training or during the season. It’s stuff I’ll never forget.”

Do you think LaRoche did the right thing? Or did he overreact?


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