Antonia Carter From “Tiny&Toya” and Mother of One of the OMG Girlz Releases Statement Regarding BET Controversy

- By Bossip Staff

Toya, Lil Wayne’s baby mama, has just released a statement regarding the performance of their adolescent girl group on the BET Awards… looks like she got a little attitude too:

I Antonia ” Toya” Carter have been disturbed……but silent about the recent performance that took place at the BET awards, which including my only child Reginae Carter and her friends joining her father Lil Wayne on stage while he performed his new single “Every Girl”. I will be the first to admit that the father and daughter relationship should not have been reunited on stage for any particular reason while this song was being performed. Wayne is a very loving, caring, and devoted father and I truly feel that the act was unintentional due to the fact that he was trying to make his little girl happy by letting her be on stage with her father. Once again, I do not of any degree think it was a wise decision and I truly do apologize to all that this may offended and most importantly the children that watched this performance. I feel we all have learned a lot from this situation and pray that the viewers will allow these children to move forward with their lives and not held accountable because they are innocent.

Antonia Carter? Is she still married to Wayne? We can tell he is not packing an anaconda in his pants, so how is he pulling all this womb? These women are seriously getting rich by letting him soak up their panties…

Anyways, about the girls… A close source to the camp tells us that one of the little girls is “fast”. (We all know which one was dancing inappropriately) The girls were told to wait off stage and be brought out at the end of the performance with an introduction. Well, the fast one couldn’t wait and gangstered her way on stage thus making for a bad situation.


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  • Hannibal

  • Chole

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  • mississippilovin

    I like her and Tiny’s show on BET.Its not as bad as ppl make it seem. Its damn sure not as bad as Frankie n Neffie they 2 ghetto.

  • Hannibal

    DAMN, I don’t know who looks better, Tiny or Debbie Rowe?!

  • gmommy

    Tiny, It’s never too late to GO BACK TO SCHOOL!

  • m

    why you gonna insult debbie rowe like that?? lol

  • KocaKola

    Im sure she could have presented her daughter’s group on her own show…not during or after her baby daddy’s shout out to the hoes of the world. I guess its true you can take the hoodrat out of the hood but you can’t take the hood out the hoodrat.

  • Akin Aribisala

    I love those little girls…hhmmmmmh…

  • Hannibal



  • missunderstood

    well, at least she is recognizing the bad decision. these celebrity children are too much. I read that wayne let her go ahead and come on stage because she was crying after she missed the opportunity to go on w/ him to accept his award. My question is why is this child expecting to go on stage at all? Only black people bring their whole damn family and entourage on stage w/ them to accept an award or perform for that matter. That little habit needs to die….

  • tb

    What is she doing an Affidavit?

    The show is garbage…they need to worry about going to college and trying to keep their daughters from being hoodrats (albeit, rich hoodrats) like them.

  • please

    Can someone get her a grammar book and teach her proper punctuation. please dont release statements that make it obvious that No child left behind left you in the dark

  • 303


    What is she doing an Affidavit?

    The show is garbage…they need to worry about going to college and trying to keep their daughters from being hoodrats (albeit, rich hoodrats) like them.
    well said , I totally agree with you

  • tb

    Can someone please enlighten me….I’m just wondering, why women do not go to back to their original last names after they get a divorce?

    I love my last name, if I ever get married, if that clown can’t take my name then he will stay with his last name and I’ll stay with the one I was given at birth.

  • getagrip

    It wasn’t a bad idea that these little girls went out on the stage at the BET Awards. It was bad that Lil’ Wayne and Drake would think that writing and performing a song with those lyrics was ok.

    Any time a sound engineer has to bleep out more than 3/4 of ONE song, that should tell you right there that the song is garbage.

    I don’t know why these so-called artists can’t make a half-decent song without degrading people and coming off straight up ignant, uneducated, and trife!

  • DizzyGuy

    Thei bigger tragedy is that I couldn’t understand what the hell Tiny was saying on the BET Awards. Its a terrible thing to waste..a mind that is.

  • just wondering,..

    which one was the fast one?

  • Nigga Said

    Toya can get it, but I refuse to poke anything that Lil Wayne poked.


    @ tb

    Only women who marry fame do that – not your average Joan.

  • L

    I guess she still wants to be Mrs. Carter which is why she is holding on to his last name…who cares?

  • L

    Dizzy guy…

    LOL! About TINY Listen that girlneeds some speech classes or some braces like TOYA because she just sounds like she has a mouth full of skittles when she talks it’s not a good look…If I were here I would be taking some classes at the local communtiy college or something…girl read a book!

  • Sanjor**Always Stealing A Moment of Pleasure With My Black Husband, Because He's got That Swagger

    after my divorce I was going to go back to my maiden name but decided against it for my son’s sake. There was a lot of change happening in his life and I didn’t want to add another. Also, my son asked me why some of his friends parents names were different from there kids. However, my name did change when I remarried and I explained to my son that when most women get married they take on their husbands last name.

  • Tropical English

    Did anyone else notice how they’re both at LUNCH with their good friend and are on their phones?

    What happened to manners?

  • L


    I think if you get married you should AT THE VERY LEST hyphen your name…a man has to feel like a man when he takes on the rold as a husband, he would feel less of a man if you didn’t have his name or he took your name…unless his name was something weird or long like yzchovalkiaswikolshomonsmith lol

  • mel

    Who is the adult with Lil Wayne an Toya in regards to their off spring, she is a brat she was bawling because she wasnt able to go on stage when Wayne won his award WHY Lil wayne has to have the whole of New Orleans on the stage is beyond me anyway serves them right there is time an place for children including theirs

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