BOSSIP Exclusive: Timbaland Wants Divorce Sealed: “Stalkers And Bullies Will Target My Kids!”

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Timbaland’s Cites BOSSIP’s Report Of His Estranged Wife Accusing Him Of “Economically Strangling” Her As Proof Their Divorce Should Be Sealed

Timbaland claims his children will be at the mercy of cyberbullies and stalkers unless a family court judge orders documents in his increasingly bitter divorce sealed.

The producer, who was born Timothy Mosley, made the claims last week in court papers filed in Miami Dade Circuit Court, pleading with a judge to seal the ex-couple’s divorce proceedings to protect his family, according to documents obtained by BOSSIP.

Timbaland said he and estranged wife Monique are a “high profile couple,” and any more info coming out about their lifestyle, spending, net worth or family dirt could make them victims of kidnappers, cyberbullies and scammers. He said sealing their divorce documents would protect his family from physical harm.

“Unrestricted public access to the proceedings and the records would provide television and cyberbullies volumes of material to invade the children’s privacy and bully them,” Timbaland wrote in his motion. “The court has the power to control the proceedings and access to minimize risks of stalking, bullying and harassment.”

He wants all records related to his divorce sealed, and if the judge won’t do that, he at least wants his financial info shielded from the public. Under Florida state law, family court cases are public records.

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