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“I don’t want to be like that…” Kandi Burruss

Kandi Burruss And Phaedra Parks Speak On Their Friendship

As fans await part 2 of the RHOA reunion, both Kandi and Phaedra are speaking on their issues.

As previously reported the duo who’ve been friends for years, now have a strained relationship that’s included accusations of calling the feds and THAT $8,500 workout video issue.

Now Kandi’s coming clean about her feelings and admitting that she’s emotional about it because she still cares about Phaedra. “I still won’t say certain things that would make her look bad. Even though I feel like I’ve been made to look like the bad guy,” said Kandi.

She also admitted that while she knows secrets about Phaedra, she’ll never spill them.
Bravo TV reports: Why did you get so emotional talking about the situation with Phaedra?

KB: I get frustrated having these conversations in front of everyone. I do care about our friendship. That’s why I’m emotional about it. And because I care, I still won’t say certain things that would make her look bad. Even though I feel like I’ve been made to look like the bad guy. I’m trying not to be that “mad day” person that I’ve talked about in the past, meaning a person who was once your friend that starts telling your secrets when they’re mad. I don’t like when other people do that, so I don’t want to be like that. The whole thing is just frustrating knowing that there is only so much I can say to defend myself publicly.


And while Kandi’s pledging to keep cool on her situation with Phae, it looks like Phaedra’s still firing some not so subtle shots at Kandi’s hubby Todd.

According to Phaedra despite paying Todd the $8,500 she owed him she STILL doesn’t have a viable workout video as promised.
Via Bravo TV: What was going through your head during the conversation with Kandi about the video?
PP: I was thinking this whole situation has been extremely frustrating and blown out of proportion. The video was shot almost three years ago. Todd has been paid all of the money invoiced and I still have not received a commercially acceptable product. However, I am not going to put any more of my energy into this matter.

Is that shade or nah Ms. Parks????

Hit the flip for more words from Kandi.



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