She Gets an “E” for Effort

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Kelly Rowland arrived at Reagan International airport in Washington D.C. to promote the re-release of Ms. Kelly. Hopefully, this time around the sales will be better, but for some reason we doubt it. At least she’s trying.

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  • Cage

    Ya’ll did kelly wrong with that pic…. She still a slim goodie, but she looks like she just rolled out of bed…

  • WTF

    Poor Kelly

  • Cage

    Bravo Nikki!

  • daqueen

    She is very pretty with no makeup on.


    Thanks cage…I do it for YOU!!!


    I meant Cage…no disrespect…

  • Kompton's Kutie

    She’s pretty with no make-up. But a re-release?! I don’t know about that one. If it didn’t work the first time…well u know.

  • SmoK.E.Y.

    TSK tsk…this pic is so wrong, ya’ll doing kelly wrong here.

  • SmoK.E.Y.

    here bag may be real expensive but looks like a shriveled prune. but she is still pretty without make-up

  • Tired

    I used to think she was pretty, but shes actually quite ugly. She looks really bad!

    Its crazy how we think celebs are beautiful but without makeup most are uglier than normal girls.

    I feel soo good-looking now, thanks Kelly

  • backyard

    she’s a pretty girl

  • Mocha Java

    She looks tired. Of trying.

  • RIP,RIP - meet Alexander O'Neal

    I sincerely mean – Po’ Thang…

    @ Mocha

    lol, that’s wrong…

  • mz.cee

    love the bag, kells but a re-release?! wtf, poor thang wtf!

  • Kerry

    I think Kelly should try her hand at acting, that might work out better for her. Im just sayin… :-\

  • mojojo195

    I wish she would stop and just be like Gayle King!! She is happy just being Oprah’s best friend. Kelly needs just except it and just be Beyonce crommie

  • mojojo195


    She can’t act for sh*t! didn’t you see her in Jason LOL

  • annonymous

    why would paps follow her?

  • Cage

    @ Nikki: None taken girl 🙂

    @Just Me: Good mornin wit your crazy ass..

  • Vinandi

    she looks good with no makeup!

    And her real hair is nice too, it makes a real change from the lacefronts!

    Go miss K! They may hate you in the USA but we’re feeling you in the UK!!

  • jo

    Mocha Java

    She looks tired. Of trying.


    HAHA. I like Kelly but being a solo artist is not her thing. And she can’t act either, she was the worse in Freddy vs. Jason. I think she should try to get endorment deals. Shes pretty, I could def see as a MAC spokesperson or with her own line of weaves and hair.

  • Harlem Chic

    I want that bag now.

  • whatt????

    You know what not hatin cause kelly is a very pretty lady but… Damn I’m really startin to believe that not only Beyonce lied about her age but she and the other girl lied as well.Not start anything but it looks like she had some botox done in the forehead area.

  • Lt. Ho Jack

    In that first picture I thought it was Sugar Ray Leonard! LMAO!

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