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Charlamagne Talks About Season 2 Of “Uncommon Sense”

We’re just days away from the premiere of Season 2 of “Uncommon Sense” the social media driven MTV 2 show helmed by radio impresario Charlamagne Tha God — a man who has struck fear into many celebrities, including Kanye West, for calling them out on their shenanigans with his “Donkey of the Day” segment on Power 105.1’s “The Breakfast Club” radio show. This Friday, April 1, “Uncommon Sense” returns to its 11pm slot and in anticipation of the show we chopped it up with CThaGod about to expect and some of the pesky rumors out there about him!

Along with Charlamagne, co-hosts Andrew Schulz and Crissle are also making their return to “Uncommon Sense” along with Desus and Mero who have their own segment.

“He gets on my nerves sometimes,” CThaGod says of Schulz, who also co-hosts his “Brilliant Idiots” podcast,”but he has a POV that’s valuable, simply because a lot of times we talk about what white people are feeling or what white people are thinking and Andrew is so unapologetically white he doesn’t mind talking about those things freely amongst anybody. We talk about white people and he’s not afraid to open up about that so I like that we get that perspective. And Crissle, I call her Harriet Tubman. She’s just the unapologetically Black woman. I love her for that.”

While he’s made his bread and butter getting under celebs skin, Charlamagne revealed he’s actually more excited by the conversations he’s having with social media personalities like Taxstone, Crissle and Andrew.

“I’m not big on the whole “celebrities” thing cause you know celebrities are always trying to be so politically correct. They dont talk how we talk, they got relationships to maintain. Its not real.”

If it seems like Charlamagne is everywhere you look nowadays, on the radio, Twitter, Instagram and television, prepare to see even more of him in coming months.

“I’ve always wanted to be a multimedia personality. I’m executive producing “Uncommon Sense” and alot of other shows people will see. I have a book coming out with Simon & Schuster which will be out next year. I want to create content but also create opportunities for other people. Getting opportunities to teach and help other people that’s what I wanna do.”

Charlamagne says the book isn’t exactly a memoir, but it will contain elements from his life.

“I like to call it like a cheat code for life. It may work for it may not, I dont have all the answers. It’s just me sharing my experiences and what I’ve learned.”

Similarly, Charlamagne says the stories he’s most drawn to in his work are those we can learn from.

“I remember when the Jay-Z and Ray Rice situations were going on. We saw two situations, both happened in an elevator, both of those situations you can learn from, men and women. Jay-Z showed how you should handle it, Ray Rice showed how you shouldn’t handle it. Even on the flip side ‘Women, don’t put your hands on men cause some are gonna react like Jay-Z some are gonna react like Ray Rice. You can react like Ray Rice but there are gonna be consequences to acting like Ray Rice. You can learn so much and teach so much in both of those.”

Speaking of learning experiences, CThaGod spoke candidly about his initial come up under the tutelage of Wendy Williams, a time that he reveals she’s no longer open to talking about.

“I haven’t talked to Wendy since early 2010 and every time someone asks her about me in interviews they always tell the person to edit it. It’s all good. I got nothing but love for them. It’s all love.”

All love, but clearly there has been some strain.

“Me and her husband Kev sat down and had a conversation at the end of 2014 after she went on Elvis Durant’s show and Elvis asked her about me and she was like “Who?” We chopped it up then. It wasn’t the best conversation, but at least we had the conversation. I appreciate them still, if it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be where I am now, so God Bless em.”

As his profile has grown, Charlamagne has become the subject of several meme’s floating around the internet.

“They’re hilarious,” CThaGod said of the social media images. “There was one that had an old picture of me and it said Limo tint then a new pic and it said Factory tint. Everybody swears I’m bleaching my skin but I even posted that. If its funny I’ma post it. I’m not one of those people who can give it but can’t take it. There’s no way in hell I’m gonna be out here saying what I wanna say about somebody else and get mad when they say something about me. Somebody could be on Twitter right now saying “Charlamagne Tha God is a f***boy!” and I might hit them back and say ‘Eff you d***head!” I like that kinda isht. I been like that my whole life. Social media doesn’t scare me at all. If something happens and you get caught out there that’s just the culture.”

And as for the rumors that his skin got lighter from bleaching — he’s calling BS!

“I’m not bleaching. I got a dermatologist named Dr. Natasha Sandy who is amazing,” Charlamagne explained. “She changed my whole lifestyle. She does everything. She put me on a diet. I’ve lost 21 pounds. I had mad skin discoloration, that’s what I used to always get clowned for, but nobody remembers that now. Now everyone is like ‘He bleaching’ but nobody remembers the discoloration and back when Marlon Wayans actually said to me “You look like a bruised eggplant. You’re 50 shades of black.” It’s honestly something I changed through diet, chemical peels. I’ve never felt better.”

Regardless of his color, Charlamagne has thick skin, but he does draw the line at lies.

“If you’re funny, be funny but telling a bold faced lie its just wack and desperate. If you see somebody who can make a good joke or a funny meme it shows intelligence, wit and security in their ability to make that joke, but people who have to lie are just wack. It makes me feel bad for them. Most recently when I heard they were saying I wanted to leave “The Breakfast Club” I know where it comes from because the week it came out we got our ratings back. Breakfast Club is doing really well — the frustration coming from other personalities — I understood it. But when I see that I’m like ‘We got you. We’re somewhere else in your mind that you can’t ever come back from. When you care that much about your adversaries you can’t ever defeat them.’

“Uncommon Sense” airs at 11pm EST on April 1st on MTV2. Charlamagne also wants y’all to know he’s signed to IHeartRadio for the next five years until 2021.

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