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…Well, according to a new study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, the environmental factors we come in contact with during our daily commute could actually a lot less healthy than the average person may believe — especially when it comes to our skin. The findings of the report concluded that just 29% of women think about protecting their skin from their commute. Not to mention, the average commuter inhales nearly 300 times more free radicals from air pollution daily than a cigarette would emit, which definitely is a huge red flag. Nevertheless, there’s products available that can combat these toxic environmental factors. Try Vitamin C to fight the effects of aforementioned free radicals, creating a barrier between your skin and the pesky pollutants or products like whose main goal is to not only beautify but protect you from daily toxins…

Want Smooth Skin? Sake Can Help You With That

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…While most of us turn to exfoliating to slough off dead skin cells, Jasmin Blossom of Zooming Japan, recently revealed a new way to increase cell turnover for smooth, flawless skin in an article with FAB Beauty. So, sake, anyone? Yes, you heard us correctly, Japan’s native and staple drink made from rice wine can actually work just as well as exfoliating if not better due to its anti-aging benefits for skin. Apparently, this beauty hack was discovered by mistake. “Sake brewers had wrinkles on their faces, but super smooth, youthful hands; that’s how they discovered the benefits,” Blossom explained. Sounds a bit questionable, but Asia has recently emerged as a trailblazer in innovative skincare, so this hack actually may have some truth….

Jay Z’s TIDAL To Start Streaming Movies

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Jay Z’s TIDAL isn’t trying to stay in one lane. Reportedly, the music streaming service is planning to stream movies, too, putting the company in competition with the likes of Netflix and Hulu. Reports Page Six: Multiple sources confirmed to us that the service is in negotiations with movie-industry executives, for a partnership to create films for Tidal, with a focus on the artists signed to the streaming service. Tidal has already put in a request to Apple for approval to add movie streaming to their app, we’re told, and the service could be up and running as early as June. One source told us, “Tidal has upset everybody in the music business, the labels, Apple and [Interscope founder] Jimmy Iovine, and now it is taking on Netflix and Hulu…”

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