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Thieves Steal 33 Cases Of Burger King Whoppers From Delivery Truck

A delivery truck driver had dozens of cases of Burger King whoppers stolen from right under his nose as he slept in a drop-off facility earlier this week. Apparently the “hamburglars” broke the lock on the cargo area more than once to swipe the burgers…but all quietly enough so that the driver didn’t wake. Via Detroit Free Press:

Warren Police are investigating how at least 33 cases of Whoppers burgers disappeared from the back of a delivery truck on Friday morning, according to the city’s mayor, Jim Fouts.

“It’s a whopper of a theft,” Fouts said dryly. He added of the thieves: “They probably consumed the evidence.”

The incident began on Thursday night, when a semi-truck driver tried to deliver several cases of the famous burgers to a Reinhart food distribution center located on Ryan Road and East 10 Mile.

For reasons that aren’t clear, the driver had to wait several hours to make his delivery. He fell asleep in the truck and awoke at 2 a.m. — only to notice that his truck’s shipping seal was broken and a few boxes of Whoppers were missing.

The driver secured the truck with a padlock and went back to sleep. By the time he awoke at 8:30 a.m., at least one thief had struck again — this time taking 33 cases.

“While he was sleeping, they were stealing Whoppers,” Fouts said.

Fouts said it wasn’t clear how many burgers were in each case. The distribution center refused to accept the burgers that were left over once they learned of the theft.

Now police are trying to catch the “hamburglars.” Yet officers have very little to go on.

First of all…were we the only ones that didn’t realize that Burger King Whoppers came fully pre-made in cases? But all that aside, either this one is an April Fool’s joke, or someone is out here eating extra well on all those flash-frozen burgers…

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