Make America Hate Again: Racist Redneck Teg Nugent Gets A Chuckle Out Of “2 Ni**ers” Meme

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Ted Nugent n-word truck meme

Ted Nugent Posts Fake And Racist “2 Ni**er” Meme On Facebook

The watchdog site MediaMatters has put professional racist Ted Nugent’s Facebook page on blast after one of his latest posts was as racist as it was sarcastic and offensive…

National Rifle Association board member Ted Nugent posted a racially derogatory image on his Facebook page that he said was an advertisement for a moving company called “2 ni** ers and a stolen truck.”

In a March 31 post, Nugent shared the image with his comment: “Before all the braindead dishonest lying scum politically correct racist hatepunks get all goofball toxic on us here, I am simply promoting a brilliant entrepreneur in Detroit that created a clever bussiness. His words, not mine. Ya gotta luv this guy!! When in doubt whip it out!”


As much as hatin’ azz Ted would like to believe that some enterprising black entrepreneur starting a self-hating small business…

There is no actual moving company; the image is actually a fake that has been shared on racist websites and condemned by civil rights leaders.

Nugent, who wrote a column last year for conspiracy website WND praising the use of the word “ni**er,” even as a racial insult, frequently makes racially charged and otherwise inflammatory comments. Earlier in 2016, he caused widespread controversy for sharing anti-Semitic material on his Facebook page.

This is all just par for the course for Ted. He and those like him want to take back America one racial epithet at a time. And if Donald Trump is elected president, he might just have a shot…SMH.

Image via Facebook/WENN

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