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Delgado and Hatcher

Dallas Woman Wanted For Contract Killing Of Ex-Boyfriend’s New Girlfriend

When it’s over, it’s over. Just let it go!

Via DailyMail

A woman who is wanted for allegedly putting a hit out on a dentist in Texas who was dating her ex-boyfriend has been added to the FBI’s Most Wanted list.

Brenda Delgado was indicted on capital murder charges after Kendra Hatcher, 35, was found murdered in her Dallas apartment building parking garage on September 2.

The indictment said that Delgado ‘and a drug cartel’ provided Kristopher Ledell Love money and drugs in exchange for killing Hatcher.

The 33-year-old spoke with detectives before she disappeared and is believed to be in Mexico, where she was born.

Authorities say Delgado was jealous of Hatcher’s new relationship with ex-boyfriend Ricardo Paniagua.

Hatcher and new bf

What drove this bat s#!t crazy heffa over the edge, you ask? Well…

Delgado allegedly plotted Hatcher’s murder after she learned that Paniagua, who is a dermatologist, flew with Hatcher to meet his parents in San Francisco.

In addition, Hatcher, who was a dentist, and Paniagua were planning a vacation trip to Mexico, the Dallas Morning News reported.

Hatcher was followed into the parking garage of her upscale Victory Park apartment tower by Love and getaway driver Crystal Cortes.

Police say Love, 31, ambushed and shot Hatcher. Delgado, who was a dental hygiene student, told police that she loaned Cortes a Jeep that belong to one of her friend’s and Cortes told cops that she didn’t know Hatcher would be murdered.

Translation: “Oh, so EYE wasn’t good enough to meet your parents, but you take THIS b!t¢# to meet them?! Aight. Bet.”

Fellas (and ladies), make sure you know who you’re dealing with before you jump in the sack. Some of these muhfuggas out here are CRAZY.

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