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Michael Jai White Talks Significance Of Oscars & Racism In Hollywood

Actor Michael Jai White recently stopped by BOSSIP’s podcast to dish on his cult classic “Black Dynamite” and OWN’s “For Better Or For Worse”. While there the actor also told David, Danni and Jah about the crippling effects of an Oscar nomination on a black actor’s career.

“Is there an Oscar nominee or Oscar winner who’s black whose career has ever been enhanced by the win of a nomination?” asked White.

“Whose career has been enhanced after they’ve gotten an Oscar or a nomination, somebody please tell me because I can’t think of one person. […]

I’ll tell you what, the majority whose gotten an Oscar it’s signified the end of their career. Angela Bassett got nominated for “What’s Love Got To Do With It”, what has she done bigger than that since then? Cuba Gooding Jr. Oscar winner, what has he done since then? Lou Gossett Jr., what? Jennifer Hudson, what? […] Terrence Howard, what was the next movie that it launched him in to? For the love of God please do not nominate me for an Oscar!”

White also spoke candidly on the blatant racism in Hollywood:

“I had a Hollywood exec tell me ‘you could be the next Tom Cruise, too bad you’re black'”

Well damn!

You don’t wanna miss this one; listen to Michael Jai White on “Don’t Be Scared” below.




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