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Rapper Turned Actor Stars Alongside Tim Roth and Anna Kendrick As Bumbling Crook “Shotgun Steve”

Wu Tang Clan’s the Rza said he stepped out of his comfort zone for his new romantic comedy, “Mr. Right.”

The film stars Anna Kendrick as Martha, a just-dumped, unlucky in love woman who falls heads over heels with Francis, played by Sam Rockwell, a former CIA hit man who’s  begun murdering the people who hire him to kill. In it, Rza plays a bumbling pothead enforcer for a drug cartel who isn’t having much luck trying to bump off Rockwell’s character.

“Mr. Right is a date night movie,” Rza said. “It’s a movie that mixes comedy, action and quirkiness together. A fun project to be involved with and we shot down in New Orleans with Sam Rockwell, Anna Kendrick and the legendary Tom Roth.”

The Rza said his character, “Shotgun Steve,” was fun to play because he’d never done anything like it before.

“He’s a guy who wants to try hard, maybe a little too hard, and finds himself not succeeding,” Rza said. “What I like about the character, is that it’s something really out of the normal of what I’ve been doing. I thought I’d take a shot at it, and we had a lot of fun doing it.”

rza mr right

And Rza, real name Robert Diggs, said when he’s not in front of the camera, he’s behind it. He just wrapped directing the independent film “Coco,” a coming of age story set against the backdrop of hip hop, and starring Azaelia Banks.

Rza also spoke about his ambitions to turn hours of footage from Wu Tang’s heyday into a full length documentary.

“We have enough stored footage for maybe three documentaries,” he told us. “We started early with recording ourselves and filming ourselves,” the Rza told BOSSIP. “I knew I wanted to be in the film world. Me and Gza would always have a camera person filming us. I think these documentaries are so important now.”

He added: “ You never realize the history you’re creating. Sometimes you have to take a look back.”

“Mr. Right” is in theaters, on VOD and Digital HD now.



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