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Donald Trump attends his political rally for the presidency of the United States

Donald Trump Says That Republicans Are Employing “Crooked Shenanigans” To Stop Him

Oh, the muthaf**kin’ irony

Presidential hopeful Donald Trump is sad. Let him tell it, the GOP is being mean to him and doesn’t want him playing with their political toys.

The orange Republican frontrunner railed against his party’s attempt to force a contested convention to keep him out of the White House according to DailyMail

Donald Trump has warned Republican elites that his supporters know they are being ‘disenfranchised’ through the ‘crooked shenanigans’ of the GOP’s delegate selection process.

‘You know what? They’re taking your vote away. They’re disenfranchising people,’ he said in between chants of ‘USA!’, ‘we want Trump!’ and ‘build that wall!’ among 10,000 fnas crammed into a private aviation hangar in Rochester, New York.

‘I say this to the RNC and I say it to the Republican Party: You’re going to have a big problem, folks, because the people don’t like what’s going on, Trump warned.

Trump goes on to say:

‘What we have going is a movement,’ he said.

‘Now, they’re trying to subvert the movement. They can’t do it with bodies. They can’t do it with people because they don’t have near the people that we have. So what they’re trying to do is subvert the movement with crooked shenanigans. And we’re just not going to let it happen.’

While it may be true the GOP boys and girls are fighting tooth-and-nail to keep The Donald out of the most powerful CEO position in the world, the idea that HE is complaining about the “disenfranchised” and “crooked shenanigans” is beyond laughable.

Aw, poor thang…

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