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…Thankfully, researchers have discovered the secrets to apologizing effectively. According to Eureka Alert, a study—which was published in the journal Negotiation and Conflict Management Research and led by Roy Lewicki, professor emeritus of management and human resources at The Ohio State University’s Fisher College of Business—suggests that there are six components to an apology, and the more elements you include, the more effective your apology will be. The components include: 1. Expression of regret; 2. Explanation of what went wrong; 3. Acknowledgment of responsibility; 4. Declaration of repentance; 5. Offer of repair; 6. Request for forgiveness “Apologies really do work, but you should make sure you hit as many of the six key components as possible,” Lewicki suggests…

How To Be A Better Mom In 20 minutes Or Less; Seriously

… MAKE BEING A MOM A PRIORITY… I have my shows that I like to veg out to. All of “The Real Housewives,” as well as anything reality based that I can indulge my voyeur tendencies on. Well, some of those had to go. I needed more rest in order to have more energy during the day when Ayva was awake and needed me. I also started saying no to non-essential travel that would take me away from her, and declining opportunities that would decrease the time we could spend together. BE REALISTIC ABOUT THE TIME THAT BEING A BETTER MOM TAKES…The greatest lesson I learned, though, was to to be realistic about the time that being a better mom actually took…[MadameNoire]

Master P, Mia X and Beats By The Pound Talk Ice Cream Man 20th Anniversary

master p
When Percy “Master P” Miller released his fifth solo album Ice Cream Man on April 16, 1996, his career was at a turning point. With one foot in the studio and one foot still in the street, Master P was living a life where he was either on the cusp of stardom, or inches away from death or jail. Growing up in New Orleans’ notorious Calliope Projects, Master P was like so many others from the neighborhood: poor and not expected to live long. But P found a way out, initially through basketball with a scholarship to the University of Houston. Eventually, he left school and went back to the streets. Although he would inherit $10,000 from a settlement involving the death of his grandfather and use some of the money to open at record store in Richmond, Calif…

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