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Larenz Tate On BOSSIP’s “Don’t Be Scared” Podcast

On the latest episode of “Don’t Be Scared”  Alex, Danni and Jah chat with “Love Jones” /”Dead Presidents”/”Menace To Society” star Larenz Tate about his new NBC show “Game Of Silence.”

While there he also spoke on the possibility of sequels to his classics “Love Jones” and “Dead Presidents.”

On people constantly asking for sequels:

“It comes with the territory what it’s basically saying is that people felt something,” said Tate. “It’s like when you listen to music and one of your favorite songs no matter how old you get it, when you hear that favorite song—it’s something.

“That’s what it’s like for people who watch movies, they get connected because they can live vicariously through that character. People wanna see sequels, people wanna see what happened with that, I’ve been in movies that have been open ended. I don’t get tired of it.”

On what would it take to make a “Love Jones” or “Dead Presidents” sequel:

“The script would have to be dope,” said Tate. “We don’t want to compromise on the integrity of the movie and what has become a classic to people. It would have to make sense to the studios, they have a big say in that. When people bring that up if I could take some sort of analyzation or analytics for every person who said “let’s do a Love jones 2”—When I communicate that to studios [they’re like] ‘Oh that’s cool, they’re fans. We get that from all movies’ But naw, the culture is on something else. The culture is saying something different. […]

Would YOU watch a “Love Jones 2”???

Love Jones

Listen to Larenz Tate on the latest episode of Don’t Be Scared below!







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