Bolitics: A Dry-Crotched Racist Is Head of Young Republicans

- By Bossip Staff

Audra Shay is one of the most racial fueled and idiotic people we could think of to put in front of kids, but the Republican party has done it:

A political “Clash of the Titans” is being waged within the Republican party; battles are being fought that place members of the Grand Old Party against none other than themselves in fights centered around a myriad of topics. So-called “Rush Limbaugh” Republicans are waging war against their common sense-minded colleagues, dubbed “Colin Powell” Republicans, often ending with disastrous results. One hot button topic, race, has been a perennial thorn in the side of GOP’ers for nearly a century with the trend seemingly continuing into the 21st century. The party created by abolitionists is widely regarded as the party of bigotry and…Continue

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  • cruzan trini


  • Txhustla15 ( Riding Top Down in 100 plus Heat )

    I dont know even as a independent voter whats funnier , the fact that they are still confused why they cannot attract any minority voters to their party which even despite being caught red handed was still voted into office or the fact that minority conservatives wonder why their criticized from their peers because this is their continued leadership…

  • Moreace

    WHAT!!!!, A racist Republican,, How odd,

  • sexylexis

    I am Republican and I am black.

  • Infinit45 (I like Kim K's booty)

    What does Ni**s in the picture supposed to say?…not enough letters for it to be the “N” word.

  • Moe

    @ Txhustla15
    Agreed 100%!

  • sexylexis

    John D hater calm down little man. Do you feel better now?

  • D.wood

    It’s like what they say everything comes right back around again Ya know.. It’s seem like we might be heading for another civil war soon.. I guess now winner takes all.. What do Yall think..?

  • krissy

    i’m not surpised considering how many racist republicans exist, its sad how there are black republicans, these racists are trying to lead america and they follow like dumbasses (sorry no offense to black republicans or democrats) but its the truth

  • mZ LaH

    its really time for yall to retire this site…SMFH @ yall posting info thats over 5 days old. NEW EDITOR NEEDED

  • ♥ pYnK ♥

    @ Txhustla 15

    Hi old pal!! Is that your baby in the picture?

  • Sally

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  • http://Bossip R

    I want to know if she works at the Four Queens in Las Vegas??? That pic in the back and the hotel front desk look just like that. If that’s the case – BOYCOTT THE FOUR QUEENS HOTEL – DOWNTOWN LAS VEGAS and any other place where racists work. Hitting folks in the pocket will stop the hate.

  • Wally

    She looks at least 45, that’s not young. Man these White folk sure do age rapidly don’t they. She just upset that a black man won’t tap that, and I don’t blame us ,Lol. Yeah I’m glad she had the balls to come out and say that she is a racist. White’s are a dying breed anyway, BLACK MEN keep hitting all the white females so that in 30 years they only control 15% of the race on Earth.

  • devils advocate

    seems like the Obama election did nothing more than fuel the hatred of bigots in this country, rather than improve race relations. however small their group may be, racists certainly appear to be in positions of power and now suddenly have loud voices. this scares me…time to buy more guns and ammo.

  • Nia

    It’s crazy how they say Bobby Jindal endorsed Audra Shay, especially how she voiced her obvious animosity towards the minority. Which he is a part of. I just don’t understand any of this political “he-said”, “she-said”, why it causes division of race, and why everyone feels so strongly about it. If I could get down to the bottom of it, I would. But I don’t have time. And YES, I didn’t vote in the election because either way I would’ve been called a “racist”. Racist for voting for Obama because he is the same race as myself, or racist for voting against him. I remain neutral. And I choose not to side with any party.

  • seriously

    She’s just afraid of what she doesn’t understand. And a lot of racists don’t understand much of life. That’s not a big deal. Just ignore them when they cry for attention. And their kids will still admire and try to be like the people they hate.

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