BOSSIP EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Tinder Removes Racist White Guy Who Wanted Black Woman To Bleach Her Skin

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Tinder Removes White Guy Who Asked Black Woman To Bleach Her Skin

We recently reported a young Black woman from Australia has gone viral for blasting a potential Tinder date for asking her to bleach her skin. Takara Allen, 22, recently posted this screenshot of a convo she had with the color struck creep…

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Takara responded to the out of pocket white guy by saying:

Have you ever considered drinking bleach because the world would be so much prettier if you did

Tinder EXCLUSIVELY reached out to BOSSIP and informed us that, Nikolas, the user who asked Allen to bleach her skin was removed from the dating app. Takara posted this photo to prove to naysayers about her Black heritage:

MOOD. 💁🏽 Little 7 year old me. Shocker, I am actually black. Light skinned yes, but black. Who knew??!! For the idiots taking it upon themselves to decide that the text message I received was faked for followers, I speak about racism in society every day so why does this particular time make me an attention seeker? (I'm looking at you, BroBible) And why lie about skin bleaching of all things??? I spoke up about it because I was devastated at being told something THAT HAPPENS TO OTHERS EVERY SINGLE DAY and felt it could bring attention to what other people of colour go through every day. Yes, skin bleaching is a REAL thing. People do get messages and are told things like what was said to me in REAL life. There are ads in most countries for skin "brighten" "whitening" and "bleaching" and no, being told to get a tan is not the same as being told you would be more desirable if you bleach your skin because of a little thing called institutionalised and systematic racism. I shared my story with an amazing woman at @galdemzine to be a small part of shining a light on the leech of an industry that is skin bleaching. I didn't ask anyone to pick the story up or for it to go "viral" Send your death threats, your rape threats, and your racist and sexist messages but I'm just doing me. And I was speaking up about racism long before this issue. You only took it upon yourselves to care this one time which says more about you than it does about me. Please take a seat before you hurt yourselves ✌🏼️

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We’re happy to report that Tinder kicked off this scumbag! Hit the flip for more stunning photos of this Black beauty next…


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