Jesus Take The Wheel

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Posted by Bossip Staff

Wow, these women are really feelin this Plies dude, huh? This nicca is even got his finger sucked by some bird while performing in Orlando recently.

Click here if you missed the “Bust It Baby” casting call last week.

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  • and another one...


  • # 1

    DAG! We know what she will suck behind close doors!

  • kai

    Woooooooooooooow lol..I actually laughed when I saw this..USELESS TALENT 100…LMAO!!!! Maybe not that usless, hell superhead done it..

  • and another one...

    Plies is so damn ghetto, can’t see the appeal mayby he packing? Breath look like it stank real real bad.

  • That_Bish

    i bet when he pulled his finger out of her mouth, his finger was stank as hell… Dammit Pies… Your a fool for this one… But F it, i’ll still be ya Bust-It Baby….

  • goyardG

    Excuse me while I go throw up….

  • That_Bish

    lol@kai… heck naw.. that was funny

  • Up2NoGood

    Ummm, girlfriend don’t know where that finger has been. Just nasty.

  • Zayah dont even care where dat nicca hands been..she just wanna be known “yeah i’m da chick that sucked plies finger..yup that was me” smh..

  • Ms.Hattie Mae

    Latwonda? Latwonda!!! is that you? Lawd have mercy Imma wop yo ace with ya little fast hot self. Aint got no kind of respect about ya self.

    Hell I shoulda known ya mama a ho, apple dont fall far from the tree!

  • Up2NoGood

    lol @ at the people around her looking like they want to join in.



  • Octavia

    Huh? Why in the hell….????

    I know is doesn’t matter, but he fugly. 😦

  • Georgia On My Mind

    Nasty Hoe.

    I hope that finger was up someone’s ass crack before he put it in her mouth…

    Look at ol’ girl behind her with her mouth wide open, a room full of nasty hoes.

  • kai

    lol shes very brave…

  • Phipsidude

    Firstly, am I late? Who is this guy? And why is he getting any play from any website?

  • GreenEyedDiva

    Dude in the back left corner smiling cuz he know Plies finger was prolly up in his booty before the concert…

    damn.. why do girls put themselves out there like that?

  • Re

    Maybe she thinks by doing things like that, Plies will think she is amazing, and will wife her and never let her go.

    Do what you do, I guess.

  • kai

    LOLL @ Up2NoGood, its not the others looking around that got me confused, but what the FU*K that dude doing there? You know he singing that damn “Shawty” song, and he in the group just cheesin and everything like he singing especially to him.

  • Dixon_Girl


  • Alexander O'Neal

    lol @ at the people around her looking like they want to join in.


    lol, aint that stupid?

  • kai

    @KZZ, millions upon millions of hand me down germs and bacteria reside underneath the fingernail lol!!!

  • truth101

    lol…dude got arched eyebrows

  • Celebrity CSI

    … this filthy broad is on the internet for the whole world to see. Some folks will do ANY thing just to get exposure..well she got it and it ain’t what she was hoping for. lol

  • Up2NoGood

    @ Kai, okayaa – dude is looking a little too happy. He cheezing hard.

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