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  • Lisa

    I’m glad Don Omar consider himself a black man. A black Puerto Rican. Some of those afro latinos refuse to say black. SMH

  • M

    look Lisa, they ain’t got no choice once they braid their hair and it don’t unravel in over two weeks! you gots ta b black with those kinky twists!

  • VA666

    THAT’S DON OMAR??? OMG! He looks like he lost about 100 lbs! Man he looks great! I wonder how he did it…

  • victory is mine

    it’s sad somebody that fine is a deadbeat…

  • Lisa

    Actually (M) there are darkskinned black latinos (Of african descent) who look like Tyrese and Kenya Moore that will tell you they’re dark latinos and not black. Being black to some of them is the same thing as if you’re straight from Africa.

    That’s like Tyrese would say I’m not black because I got some white folks in my family tree from 1855 so I’m a “dark” American not black don’t insult me.

  • MJ

    Don Omar is great and his girfriend Jackie Guerrido is gorgeous. But now he has to pay child support to all of his baby momas. I wonder how Jackie feels about that?

  • lint lickers anonymous

    i can’t wait for akon to tell us he’s greek! speaking of braiding, my sis took like 6.5hrs braiding this white broads hair [box braid] why was her hair “unraveled” after one day!

  • Lady Shady

    That is a pretty couple

  • valenne

    damn, so even puerto rican are ignorant like that!

    latino is an ETNICITY when being black is a RACE.

    So you can be a black puertorican but you are still black! Latinos are as much as mixed as african american people!

    i laugh every time i see latino acting like they better than us when their ass are falling out at the age at 25! They sure take that indian side lol

  • Cake

    Who is this dude? And why is he with Reggie Bush’s jump off Kim Kardashian???

  • Squidbilly

    id do his baby mama too. but im not payin.

  • herpesdating

    he looks great! But I find a profile of him on a Positive dating site “=== ====”. And he said he will help top 15 members on this site in this year to release their load to bug drugs

  • And.....

    Why did Nicole get less? B/c her baby isn’t 100%white? Let’s see what Mama Halle gets for hers. They always make a big deal and stalk white celebrities over their babies, but blows ours off like they aren’t worthy.

    Those picks with celebrities with no necks is off the hook! LMAO. All of them look slow and retarded.

  • lily

    WOW…so sweet, seems she is famous on a tall dating ,there are many hot models.they vote the most beautiful member each month.

    funny thing…..

  • Nita is Puzzled

    @Lisa, it is a shame. a damn shame. and he shouldn’t be barebacking if he’s not prepared to pay up when the inevitable happens. but yeah, it’s a shame more don’t.

    @cake, i can’t lie, for a split second i thought the same thing! LOL

    @jalila, what event did tom and katie be seen with will and jada at? will needs to keep away from them.. they’re dangerous.

  • Mike

    So romantic and happiness they are!I just saw their profile in millonaire dating site””.I am wondering are their relation can last long?

  • charle

    happy pics…i just found aother very interesting news on a free online dating site ,for man and woman… i’m surprised!you can login to check the news .they are so cute and interesting…

  • Nicole

    i am also named Nicole at, same name with Nicole Richie

  • Encyclopedia Brown

    @ Lisa

    I’m glad he acknowledges he’s black. Now if he could convince his Dominican friends to do the same thing, that’d be great.

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