That’s One Hell of a Check For a Former Rock Addict

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Whitney Houston is to be paid $2.78 million USD to perform for an hour at a charity event in London. That’s some major comeback swag:

The troubled star has been lined up by billionaire philanthropist John Caudwell to give a rare one-hour performance at the Cauldwell Children Legends Ball at London’s Battersea Evolution arena on May 8. Mr. Caudwell thinks it is important to raise the profile of the Cauldwell Children charity and stars such as Whitney Houston are the sort of people he’s hoping to attract. Whitney, who has battled an addiction to drink and drugs – has made few public appearances in recent years and also has a reputation for failing to turn up for shows.

Her ass better show up for this one. If so, she needs to put Bobby up on getting his stacks up.


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  • khia213

    Can she spend some of it on a new boob job? Damn, that looks bad!

  • herpeslove

    She is a charitarian for the herpes people on a Herpes community site: === ===. There are many people who were endowed by her regard her as a angel. And creat a blog for her to show their blessing.

  • lisalisa

    What’s wrong with her breast?

  • da darkness

    big haa ha haa haa haaaa. all that bread you can’t get a nutritionist. a major fall off from her movie role playing days. she needs to leave the yayo alone. Missy needs to be her counselor. She’s like the only level head in the industry, word

  • SBM is "Your Families Dirty Laundry"

    lol her breast look like molasses slowly oozing out of the jar

  • Randall Cunningham

    I remember when I used to dick Whitney down back in the day, her titties looked a hell of a lot better than that.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @SBM…there you go with that foolishness boy! LOL

    The tits are horrible. But she better go get that change. 2.78 mill for one hour? That’s some Prince change right there!

  • jojo

    yep those flapjacks need some work stat.

  • mojojo195


    you are retarted LOL

  • mojojojo195

    her breast look like they deflated on the sides

  • Lu-Lou

    That’s what’s up, I’m happy for Whit! I believe the children are our future…

    But she really need to get a lift on those breast, or at least cover that sag up!

  • Cs

    The boobs do look horrible, but at least give her some credit for cleaning herself up and trying to make a comeback. Baby steps people…

  • Cage

    I hope she doesn’t trick it all off buyin dope in New Jersey yet again… Whitney got a few of my peoples paid so I hope a relapse isnt nearby… Just in case I’ll keep the ears open & holla @ SBM for the weight lol

  • SBM is "Your Families Dirty Laundry"

    lol her chest look like that famous picture of “Ghandi”

  • mz.cee

    oohhhh weeeeh, them breasteses… damn whitney damn!

  • Bird

    Why would a charity pay 2M for a celeb appearance? Sounds like a charity that doesn’t need money to me.

  • Bird

    Here boobs look bad in that dress, but it’s nothing a wonder bra won’t fix. I like that she has not gone under the knife.

  • Re

    Go Whitney! That’s a whole lotta money….

    …I’ve gotta say, I absolutely hate those boobs.

    Go Whitney, rarara! Lol.

  • Up2NoGood

    Wow, 2.78 million for a hour of your time. “Must be nice”.

  • Ibn

    Bad boob job but she looks good thats my girl

  • Grace

    Whitney is still on that other level that today’s dance artist will never achieve. Some of these singers will go on a 30 city tour with 5 others and will not get paid for what Whitney received for 1 hour. Whitney can go on stage with a crack pipe in one hand, a drink in the other and still sound better than Ciara, Cassie and Rhianna all put together.

  • JaliliMaster


    Why would a charity pay 2M for a celeb appearance? Sounds like a charity that doesn’t need money to me.


    If that person is Whitney Houston. Anyway, I think it came from the billionaire dudes pocket. Although, he might have just donated it to the charity instead.

  • Luving "The Wire" Forever..HOV

    Good for her!

  • Keif K

    hopefully she dont smoke all that money up


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  • Reese Daves

    Good she could use it


    Check for that (lan-duh-lo) developers keep droppin the name, they said 2nd QT

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