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Monyetta Shaw On Bossip’s Don’t Be Scared Podcast

On the latest episode of “Don’t Be Scared”  David, Danni and Jah chat with author Monyetta Shaw.

While joined by Bossip’s managing editor Janee Bolden, the hosts grill Monyetta on her new book “Bigger Than Me” that details the life lessons and maturation she earned while engaged to Ne-Yo.

On being misquoted in The New York Post about her feelings on Ne-Yo and his new wife Crystal Renay:

I don’t know what the heck happened, it was insane. She [the author] came to me like, girl you know our hearts go out to you. How does it feel that they’re getting after your ex [Ne-Yo]? ‘ It was all bad, I didn’t write any of that. […] We’re in a  good place, we’re coparenting productively and the way that someone could word something could mess up our whole family unit.


On Ne-Yo’s reaction to the Post article:

It was very uncomfortable and I had to go back to, ‘you know me, why would I do this now?’ You of all people you’ve been misquoted so you know what it is. It was a hard one, I didn’t sleep for three days because of it.

On forgiveness after having her tubes burned:

Honestly it’s an every day process. It was a very pivotal moment in my life and decision that I made thinking that the outcome would be what we thought it would be at the time. I would’ve moved differently if I would’ve known the outcome, but that’s life.

It took a minute to get to a good place, you just have to work at it and fight through the feelings and continue to put what’s first first which is our kids. Regardless of how I feel on my good days, bad days, it’s bigger than me. It’s not an easy situation to go through, a lot of my fans and supporters are like, ‘girl how you doing it?!’ But it is what it is, you can’t act on it. They have things called mugshots […], I don’t want my kids to see that.

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On people pitting her against Crystal Renay:

Let me say this, it’s good to see that I have support but to trash another woman, that’s not cool. It’s not what I want. Let’s just say the internet has no chill, social media has no chill and they’re definitely going to voice their opinions. I’m not everybody’s cup of tea clearly and she’s not, he likes what he likes obviously and he don’t care. That’s whats’s up. Even when I first started dating him it wasn’t all peachy for me. […] When I first started dating him people started putting me with people I never even met before, I think it just comes with the territory. And then just stepping into his life at the time she kind caught it bad because everybody thought we were going to get back together—hell, I know I did. That’s why, it’s not really good but it comes with the territory. To even be in a relationship with a celebrity you have to have thick skin.

Listen to Monyetta on Bossip’s “Don’t Be Scared” podcast interview below.




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