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Janet Jackson was spotted leaving Katsuya restaurant last night in Hollyweird looking a little Latoya-ish. Of course, not as bad as Latoya, but possibly on her way if she doesn’t leave the knives alone. Her body is definitely on point though.

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View Latoya’s Face right about now…

Please Janet, don’t let this happen to you…

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  • Lu-Lou

    Love Janet!! Hope I still look that goos at 40! But Latoya… Lord help her.

  • Lu-Lou

    Sorry, I meant good.

  • He's Presidential

    Janet looks good. Go J

  • jojo

    yes girls body is on point.

  • Cage

    You do mean from the shoulders down right? Janet is a wreck-up from the neck up

  • Mr.Potato Head

    I met Janet once. She was really nice, but when she breaths her nose makes a high pitched whistling sound. A high F# to be exact. Its weird.

  • Vinandi

    whats up with the hair as well?

    it looked good a couple of weeks ago!!

  • Vinandi

    @ SBM

    thats funny!!! you are so damn right!

  • mojojojo195

    Yes there is SBM… The Spears

  • Bird

    Janet is no LaToya. She appears to have had one nose job in her whole career. She is not the plastic surgery addict that Mike and LaToya are.

  • Southern Belle 225

    why she look like she is struggling to hold her neck up?

    She does look just like LaToya. DAYUM! She needs to leave the knife alone immediately while she still looks somewhat normal!

  • jojo


    I agree, the Jacksons make the Adams Family look like the Waltons.

  • Bird


    You do mean from the shoulders down right? Janet is a wreck-up from the neck up


    Huh? Can’t say I’ve heard anyone say that before.

  • Sammy J. Parker

    I was talking about this the other day…I think Janet tried to make her nose more bulbous…sounds crazy and one would think after rhinoplasty there’s no going back, but my friends agree that her nose is suddenly fuller. Compare her pictures from last year…her nose is way less pointy…look at the sides of her nose, her nostrils…they look like they’ve been widened…

  • Ms. Kerr

    Janet’s hair looks bangin’

  • melanie

    what’s up with the jacksons and their dislike of their noses? and why couldn’t they find better surgeons? that nose is unnatural, but of course, they probably got started with the surgeries back in the 80s when the surgeons didn’t know how to perform plastic surgery on black people the right way! i can picture the 80s surgeon looking perplexed right now. not a good move for the jacksons.

  • kai

    UH UH-OH, UH-UH OH she got herself a Beyondsay wiiig, go head girl go git em…

    Well not really Beyondsy wig not nearly as nice lol….

  • valenne

    she looks good like that!

    And whats up with beyonce. Nobody can rock a wig without being compared to her! Ah, narrow minded people, such a waste!

  • mojojojo195

    These people have serious issues with there nose. It’s a shame, we are the only race where our noses come in such wide varity we should embrace our noses. The white man said our lips and big asses where disgusting, now every white chick out there is trying to get both. Soon they gonna say our nose is the “New thing”.

  • Grace

    WHAT IS UP WITH OUR WOMEN WEARING THESE BIG ASS WIGS? We use to take pride in wearing weaves that you could not detect. Remember back in the day when you would argue with your girls on who wore a weave cause it was so professionally done. We use to mix real hair in with fake hair. Now you can spot the wig a block away. Women just throw anything on their head today. It really look bad when it’s a rich woman.

  • kai

    Typically, narrow minded folks are the ones who cant grasp light hearted humor. Hmmmmmmmm!!!????

  • Jahpson

    Janet is one of the normal looking jackson’s left

  • Re

    Her body is on point, what a dedicated lady.

    On the other hand, that wig looks like its overtaking her face.

  • mz.cee

    another weirdo! all I can say is botox (for the youthfulness) and appears she’s been cuttimg up more on the nostrils again, like I’ve said befor once they start, they cant stop! them jacksons for sure have some “nasal issues”… SMH!

  • SmoK.E.Y.

    I just hope Janet’s daughter don’t follow in the footsteps of her momma, cause this is one family who’s face and body have seen more knives then the kitchen cutting board.

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