Some Morning Chocolate: MR. Owens

- By Bossip Staff

Mr. Temper-Tantrum T.O. promo pics for his new show are def-def-definitely eye catching. He went all out with this one. Keep coming out with pictures like this and MR. Terrell Owens will get what he wants…

Pop the hatch for more pics of T.O., LaLa, and more at an ESPY event…

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  • Shim Shim Sha La Bim

    Them heels look like old Popeyes biscuits.

  • Boss Lady

    He got body!

  • tb

    Saw the clip on VH1…had to change it after I saw that his love interest was a white chick. Another black man that can’t stay away from the white women. What a loss!

  • Pure Phi-Ya

    He’s a fool but his body is on point!

  • L

    Whoooaaa! What a Wednesday sight to BEHOLD!!!

  • BE

    Now that is the waaaaay to start the day!!

  • BE

    Hey L-Boogie!!

  • slimpickens

    This man deserves whatever the press or public says about him. He has disgraced himself on many ocassions with his selfishness.

  • KO

    looks a tad gay

  • I ain't a hater

    I don’t care what you say about T.O. he is sexual chocolate…

  • Honey Bee

    Damn,too bad he only likes white meat.

  • BE

    La-La looks good and lil Romeo is starting to look like a man

  • Lisa Vee


  • Skoopes

    Oh shiiii, damn, so good!

  • Confucious

    Oooh sh*t…I love it!!!

  • L

    Hey BE! Hey Mojojojo!

  • Realistik

    It looks more like a painted picture to me. These nothing wow about it

  • Black Beauty

    His face leaves a lot to be desired, but his body is definitely on point.

  • Shim Shim Sha La Bim

    He looks like Seal.

  • L

    I don’t want to sound like a cradle robber or anything but ROMEO looks hella yummy! Did he graduate from College? I know he was playing college ball…

  • Miss_NC

    LMBAO @ Shim Shim!


    He is famous for blowing a fuse. Not any one I would buy season tickets to see. Yes he will put Buffalo on the map and not for winning any games. Too think he lives an hour away from where I live. When we found out he was looking for a house it wa all over the news here. We planned our 3 week vacation to makesure we were not i the State of New York.

  • jcstansb @


  • Shauna


  • BE

    @L – yeah little Romeo is not looking so little, I think he may be in his second or third year….lol

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