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Doctor’s Brazilian Butt Lift Causes Woman Kidney Failure And Infection

A Florida woman who lost more than 100 pounds almost died after trying to remix her deflated cakes. She went in for a Brazilian butt lift and walked out with an infection and a tummy tuck.

Let this be a lesson to those of you with ironing board butts.

Via DailyMail

Crystal Heath, who was hospitalized for 11 days for kidney failure and infection after the botched surgery, said: ‘I almost lost my life trying to get a butt. And it was definitely not worth it.’

Dr. Osakatukei Omulepu, whose license has been partially restricted by Florida’s Department of Health after four other women came forward with similar accusations, is still practicing at a plastic surgery clinic in Hialeah near Miami.

Heath told NBC: ‘I had lost a lot of weight and in the process, I lost my butt as well.’

She found Dr. Omulepu online, where he posted several promotional videos, and went under the knife at Spectrum Aesthetics, where a Brazilian butt lift costs $4,100.

Smh. It’s a shame that people work hard to lose weight and STILL feel the need to have these ridiculous surgeries.

But she awoke from the surgery in February and found she had been cut open across her abdomen and left with a seven-inch hole in her stomach, which she still has.

According to the clinic’s website, a tummy tuck costs $600 less at $3,500.

Heath told NBC: ‘I didn’t need a tummy tuck, I paid for a Brazilian butt lift.

‘At the moment when everything went wrong, I felt like I was going to die. I started throwing up instantly, I start throwing up so bad it was like bursting in my stomach.’

She was admitted in the hospital for 11 days after suffering kidney failure and an infection and still has to see a nurse three times a week.

Just be happy with who you are. If you wanna lose weight or change your body, go to the damn gym!

Image via NBC/Encore Plastic Surgery



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