West Point Drops Investigation Of 16 Black Cadets Who Raised Fists

We recently reported that West Point Academy was investigating a picture making the rounds on social that shows 16 African-American female cadets in uniform displaying raised fists outside a Military Academy barracks.

According to NPR, the women have been cleared of any violations:

West Point has said that 16 black female cadets did not violate any Department of Defense or Army regulations by posing with their fists raised in a photo taken ahead of their graduation from the academy.

No punitive action will be taken against the women after an inquiry found that their gesture was intended to demonstrate “unity” and “pride,” a statement from the institution said.

The statement also said that the inquiry concluded “that based upon available evidence none of the participants, through their actions, intended to show support for a political movement,” which would violate DOD Directive 1344.10.

As the Two-Way reported yesterday, the women have not publicly commented on why they held up their fists, but plenty of other people have weighed in on the photo. The myriad reactions ranged from sympathetic support for the women to historical analysis of the gesture to disappointment and anger.

In the past, the raised fist has been used, among other things, to symbolize black power.

Now check out our latest Slaying Goliath episode featuring an interview with a Black Donald Trump supporter:

Should soldiers be able to make political statements while in uniform? Discuss.


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