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Kelly Price’s Bossip “Don’t Be Scared” Interview

On the latest episode of “Don’t Be Scared” David, Danni and Jah chat with Grammy nominated songstress Kelly Price who spoke candidly on working with Kanye on “Ultralight Beam”, her love life, “R&B Divas” and her breast cancer foundation.

On Kanye using the first take of her vocals on “Ultralight Beam”:

“When I heard the music I feel like it wrote itself. I literally just said to the engineer just open up the mic and record. That was a scratch vocal, that’s what came out of me when the music was playing. No pen, no paper. I wanted to re-sing it because I thought I could do better but Ye was like ‘absolutely not.’ I actually went and I tried to do it over and I did. And when I did, he heard it and was like ‘This is NOT the same vocal, absolutely not.'”


On R&B Divas:

“It was instigated, it was intended to do what it did. […] What I can say is there were things that I was instructed to do that I did that were made to look another way.

The one thing that I can definitely speak to is the moment when people thought I was attacking the acting coach, I had just been told before the camera started; ‘take a moment, take a beat and go to your angry place’ and that’s what I did.[..] When I realized what it was, I said I won’t do this.”


On being “booked”:

“They love it and they hate it but it wasn’t a lie. It wasn’t meant to be disrespectful we were discussing our schedules. If you ask me if I’m available and I’m not, that’s what I’m gonna tell you. It can be whatever you want it to be.”


On her Look 2 Live foundation:

My vision for Look 2 Live I’ve had for over ten years. It was birthed out of the experience that I had with my very own close brush with breast cancer actually during the shooting of the “Friend Of Mine” video. I got a call that my mom was sick, I left straight from the set of the video. She was in late stage inflammatory breast cancer, she was afraid to go to the doctor, she saw the changes in her body and she still didn’t go to the doctor. […]

Fear kept my mother from going to the doctor but at this particular time my husband’s mother and my mom were diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer within 60 days of each other. […] Look 2 Live is not only to deal with the patient but with the family.


Listen to Kelly Price on Don’t Be Scared below!


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