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Columbus Short Says He Is NOT Married To Karrine Steffans

Columbus Short is currently shuffling off to rehab to sort through his issues, but he wants everyone to know that when it comes to Karrine, their short-lived (no pun intended) marriage is actually a thing of make-believe.

Columbus has been saying that the marriage wasn’t official, but now Columbus’ lawyer, Matthew R. Bogosian, got in touch with us to let us know that divorce proceedings from his wife Tuere Tanee Short are still underway, with a hearing scheduled for July 29th. As such the two are still legally married. As such, Karrine’s “marriage” to Columbus isn’t even valid.

Pending said hearing, Mr. Short remains married to Tuere Tanee Short. Accordingly, any claim by Karin Stephans McCrary that she is legally married to Mr. Short is unfounded and invalid.

Damn. Plot twist! Is Karrine kicking up all kinds of dust over this “husband” of hers when at the end of the day, they aren’t even legally married??

That sure didn’t stop him from writing songs about how great his “new wife” is at the time though…

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