Race Matters: South African Judge Says Black People Raping Women Is A The Cultural “Pastime” In Facebook Rant

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Mabel Jansen

South African Judge Believes The Black Men Rape Women As A Cultural Pastime

This story that we came across in the WashingtonPost suggests that perhaps those in power as part of the criminal justice system need to be reevaluated…

South Africans aren’t blind to the fact that race still divides their country. But when an activist named Gillian Schutte went public recently with messages she had exchanged with a high court judge a year ago, she certainly achieved her stated goal: to expose the “deep racism and colonial thinking” that still pervade upper echelons of South African society.

Mabel Jansen, who is the daughter of a former governor-general of South Africa during the apartheid years, sent the messages last May, and says she was trying to explain specific cases of sexual violence in a private context.

South Africa’s Minister of Justice Michael Masutha placed Jansen on “special leave” on Wednesday, following a slew of complaints from all sides of the government, and from other judicial officials.

Peep the craziness that this JUDGE was talkin’!

Mabel Jansen black rape

The idea that a person who is supposed to represent “justice” could have such biased, racist, and ignorant views is beyond terrifying.


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