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Samford sorority racist tshirts

Samford University Sorority Hands Outs T-Shirts Depicting Slaves Picking Cotton

What makes these white frats and sororities think that they can get away with the blatantly racist things they try to pull off on these campuses?

WIAT reports that the administration at Samford University in Alabama is offering apologies for some offensive t-shirts that were created by Alpha Delta Pi sorority that CLEARLY show a slaves picking cotton and happily chowing down on a slice of watermelon.

A statement from Samford’s Executive Director of Communications, Philip Poole, says that the university apologizes for the offensive image that appeared on the shirts, calling it completely inconsistent with the university’s mission and values. The release also states that the school denied the shirt design after a review process but the shirts were created anyway.

University President Andy Westmoreland said in an email to students and employees: “I was repulsed by the image.”

Alpha Delta Pi’s national headquarters in Atlanta said in a statement: “The shirt design absolutely contradicts the values of respect and dignity that our organization prides itself on.”

Here’s what the University had to say:

Samford University apologizes for the offensive image that appeared on T-shirts produced by the Kappa chapter of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. This is completely inconsistent with the university’s mission and values. We are addressing the issue with our Alpha Delta Pi chapter and the international organization and with the vendor who produced the shirt. Despite the university’s denial of the project through our normal review and approval process, the shirts were produced anyway. We are following our procedures as quickly as possible to address this violation of Samford’s values community.

There’s never a good time to be a racist, but ESPECIALLY nowadays as we watch police gun down black folks for no damn reason and a guy like Donald Trump rise to power.

Tension is high and these folks are playing with fire. Not a good combo.

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