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Michael Johnson

Convict Sentenced To 24 Years Uses Fellow Inmate’s ID And Clothes To Escape Prison Early

Just that easy, huh? This is like some Saturday morning cartoon isht. According to OregonLive, a lil Scooby Doo can take you a long way if you’re looking to flee the whoscow…

The convict’s plan apparently worked like a charm: Switch ID wristbands with a fellow inmate scheduled for release in just hours. Put on his clothes. Trade cells. Sign the other inmate’s name to the paperwork. Walk out the door.

That’s what Michael Diontae Johnson did to escape Thursday from the Clark County Jail, investigators allege in court records. Jailers didn’t discover the mistake until three hours later. Johnson, 30, is still on.

But how and why 19-year-old LaQuon Carson Boggs – the other inmate – got involved remains unclear and under investigation.

If you’re like us, you’re asking yourself, “Why the HELL would another inmate who is about to go home switch identities with a man who had a book thrown at him?!?”

Well, if you consider what Michael Johnson was in prison for in the first place…

Johnson was sentenced last year to 24 years in an Arizona prison for kidnapping and aggravated assault. He was sent to Washington on April 26 to face felony assault, harassment and intimidating a witness charges in Clark County.

Sounds like he might have threatened to kill ol’ boy if he didn’t give up the goods.

Boggs was sentenced in March to five months in jail for second-degree robbery for stealing alcohol from a Wal-Mart in Vancouver last October, court records show. He received credit for jail time he already served.

Boggs has since been released. He is under investigation in the escape, said Clark County Jail Chief Ric Bishop.

The mistaken release was “unfortunate” because the jail is about a month and a half away from installing a biometric screening tool that “would have prevented this type of escape,” Bishop said. The system requires providing the correct set of fingerprints to be released.

Just a LITTLE too late with that new high-tech release system.

Hopefully the police catch this guy, according to KGW, one of Johnson’s former classmates thinks his capture will result in major bloodshed.

“This is not going to be some type of wave the white flag surrender incident. It’s going to be a big messy mess,” the classmate said. “It’s not going to have an easy situation when it comes down to capturing him or where he does get captured. People are going to get hurt. I can almost guarantee it.”

Sounds like they better hurry and find this guy ASAP.

Image via Multnomah County Jail



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