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Bruh: Stop Begging Facebook To Crowdfund Your Honeymoon


…and your road trips… and to upgrade your uncle’s funeral.

I’ve donated to help people start their businesses, publish their first book and helped with cancer treatments; but now it seems like people are using crowdfunding for plastic surgery and paying off their weddings. I get it. My priorities may be different from the next person’s, but I’m pretty sure a honeymoon doesn’t fall under “necessities” nor is it shaping the next generation. Asking for money for your trip to Thailand is just as bad asking for cash for a tummy tuck.

A honeymoon just seems like something you should be saving for or, at the very least, something you can take donations for from your wedding party. Why do you even feel comfortable taking money from us –the people not invited to your nuptials, who know you through a friend from 10 years ago??? Like, if I couldn’t afford a car with drop top and leather interior, I would either have to save or downgrade. But if I was a selfish, unimaginative millennial with no reservations about panhandling on the internet, I’d make a crowdfunding campaign for it, apparently.

Even if people who post these kinds of campaigns don’t feel this way — they look cheap and lazy.

I was taught to ‘find a way’ — that didn’t mean to beg. I get even more peeved when celebrities ask us to fund their albums and when people ask for funeral money. TLC, you made me uncomfortable! Also, I’m sorry for anyone’s loss, but there are whole organizations that handle funerals for children, even ones for people who have succumbed to illness. Do your necessary research.

Crowdfunding used to be so dope. It was a way get your ideas out and have people who believed in them directly invest. Where are the dreamers? The exciting minds trying to shape the next generation? I’d put my money there. Even if I decided not to help financially, at least after scrolling through my feed I could gain something. Some motivation, some sense of where technology is heading. I don’t know, it just seems like vanity and selfishness is killing our innovators online. I think crowdfunding is an incredible resource when done right, but since it’s been abused, it’s lost credibility. Like many other social media tools before it, crowdfunding has been beaten into the ground. It’s exhausted, used and abused and unfortunately will never have the same impact it used to have.

Congratulations millennials, you killed GoFundMe. Are you happy now??? Now go fund your own d*mn honeymoon.


Aiesha El is freelance writer who enjoys live comedy and home makeover shows. Follow her @aieshaarab. 


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