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So you were sick of Rihanna, so here’s a little Beyonce for you to go with your morning coffee:

Beyonce, 26, and her longtime beau, Jay-Z, 38, had tongues wagging at Butter nightclub in NYC on Feb. 18. “She was wearing a huge diamong ring on her ring finger,” says an eyewitness. “When she noticed that I and some others noticed the rock, she quickly hid her hand behind her left elbow. Then she reached behind her to where her bag was, and after placing her hand in her bag, the ring disappeared!”

We must admit, Camel and your girl Bey are doing a great job at keeping everyone ‘confused’ about their relationship.


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  • Ms. Kerr


  • Checkoutmystatus

    I love her!

  • Bird

    That’s silly. The ring looks like a dinner ring, not an engagement ring. Why would she care if people are looking at it whatever it is. She wore it. I don’t think it’s that serious.

  • Up2NoGood

    I like the dark hair look.

  • sissylee2008

    I really hate these people keep talking the celebrities joined the celebrity plus singles dating site Could you people have a break??

  • checkoutmystatus

    Her and riri in a 3up! Thas ma dream…. =O)

  • Ms. Kerr

    Sorry Msindependent!

  • KD

    Congrats to Beyonce! I also hear she has signed on to play the wife of Idris Elba in a stalker thriller with Ali Larter called “Obsessed.”

  • bree

    ok so her ring was on her right hand if she made it disappear behind her left elbow, right? so then that can’t be an engagement ring, bcuz traditionally it is the left hand..anyways the ring in the picture on her left hand as well as those bangles look beautiful

  • Lauren

    Is this really news?

  • Ms. Kerr

    LMFAO..good msindependent!!!

  • KD

    On another note, it’s good that they keep their relationship quiet. J-Lo and Ben Affleck were a prime example of how the media can destroy a relationship. Plus, it peaks people’s interest. They both know exactly what they are doing.



    I LOVE BEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Grace

    WHY DOES HER AGE KEEP GETTING PUSHED BACK. When B-Day came out in Sept of 2006, wasn’t she turning 26 on that day. Celebs who I question their age.

    All 3 members of Destiny’s Child

    Alicia Keys

    John Legend

    Demi Moore’s husband-heard their age diff is only 10yrs, not 15.

  • reality

    whatever they doing is working they been together for like 5 or 6 yrs

  • victory is mine

    the bracelets are beautiful and even though im not a huge beyonce fan i think the dark hair looks nice on her….

  • miss fatty fatty




    She looks good in this pic. Not a lot of extras, just plain beautiful. (Is she going for the Kim Kardash look ?) J.K. : – ) Oh yea, that don’t look like an engagement ring. But, I am a dude what do I know ?

  • SoSo

    They need to stop tryin to be all secretive about their relationship. If they’re together then they need to be proud. I understand they want privacy but these 2 show no type of affection toward each. Rhianna showed more affection to Jay when she won her grammy. The only time I see electricity between Beyonce and Jay is when they are on stage and thats about it :/

  • Fellow Houstonian

    Sorry this doesn’t prove anything, that picture is old! NEXT!

  • BlackBeauty

    What huge rock? That ring matches one of the bracelets that she is wearing. You’ll and she need to stop it!!! I don’t give a damn if they are married or not, who cares???

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    Heyyyyyyyyyyyy! Go BEYJAY!

  • Ms. Sugar Walls

    They look Genuine..not fake like rihanna, and chris! BRING IT ON!

  • PGH Proudest

    If the article is correct then, it could not be an engagement ring. The ring goes on your left hand not right! I am happy for her and Jay Z because they are probably one of the few couples who know how to keep their business, their business. It is the paps and goosip sites like these that keep them in the public eye. Lots of couples could learn from them.

  • lover of life

    There is nothing else in world to talk about beside beyonce wearing a ring ,WTF there is nothing else more important to talk about beside beyonce’s ring.

    WOW !!!

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